November 22, 2011

PC Tech - Antwon Christian

I just recently found out one of my friends Antwon Christian, has his own self made business fixing pcs. Which includes virus cleaning, building pcs, minor pc repairs and much more. Instead of going to Best Buy's "Geek Squad" or any other community pc repair store that'll cost you hundreds, I highly recommend you give Antwon a call. He really knows his way around the computer hard drive and software. Antwon is well trained and has been working on pcs since his early high school years. PCs are something that should be dealt with a professional and you shouldn't do it on your own. Hit up Antwon and tell him that I reccommended you to him, who knows maybe you'll get a discount ;-)!!! PS he's not that expensive at ALL!!! For more info continue after the jump.

Contact Antwon Via The Following:
Number: (973)327-3394