November 9, 2011

Steph Jones: HERBALIFE Nutrition Program

Have you ever wondered why you worked out a lot, ate less and never seen any results? Well, maybe you're not getting the right nutrition you need to see your results. Everyone's tricked out to thinking in order to lose weight you have to eat less and workout excessively; that's just not the healthy way to gain results. When you're working out, you are losing the important nutrients your body needs in order to stay active, live longer and basically look fit.

You might think well to become healthy and fit, it requires A LOT of MONEY. Well....YOU ARE WRONG!!! I have a friend who knows this amazing nutrition program called HERBALIFE that will not only help you lose weight quicker but also at the same time give you a much better and healthier life.

Earlier this week I saw a FaceBook Fact Status that read:
"Fun FAct: Did you know that the average working person in america spends roughly $20 a day on food. What would you say if i told you that i could Coach you to a healthy nutritional lifestyle for less than $10 a day? email me your response" - Steph Jones
 Well just like anyone else reading that I quickly responded wanting to know more. Steph Jones, for those of you who aren't familiar with him, he is a model, actor, singer and motivational speaker who believes his purpose on earth is to help every human being feel better about themselves and life situations. Steph also looks at people for who they are as a person and not what they are. Steph Jones's heart is kind and pure, they don't make successful men like him that much now-a-days; he is MR. ORDINARY :-).

Steph Jones, immediately contacted me about my comment on his status and from our conversation, I learned a lot of IMPORTANT INFORMATION the average College Master's Graduate probably wouldn't know. Everything Steph Jones was educating to me about proper Nutrition and how to live a healthy life opened my eyes and mind to a lot of situations we face everyday. Not to give away all the information, you will find out once you contact Steph Jones and he will tell you, but a certain true story he told me was about a 65 year old man I believe was nearly lying on his death bed, whose health wasn't well enough to help keep him active, until...he was introduced to HERBALIFE and in less than a month, this man lost about 60 lbs and health was BETTER THAN EVER. Shocking right? But it's true, this is a recent story, not so long ago. Steph will tell you!

HERBALIFE is a nutrition program with various different selections to chose from that will put you on the right track to a much healthier life. It's all about the nutrients you need to consume everyday to keep active and appreciating life. Especially in this economy where about 70% of the people population is overweight. It's even starting at the younger ages. People we need to take precautions and figure out a way to change that percentage from 70% to 0%, therefore HERBALIFE has the power to do that. If you're interested in living a healthy life and looking much better you can contact my friend, Steph Jones. His information will be listed down below.
Contact Steph Jones via the following: 
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