December 20, 2011

Describe The Perfect Significant Other...

So a couple of months ago, I asked you what is your ideal type of guy or woman. Now I'm going to ask you to describe the "PERFECT" significant other. I know there's no such thing as a perfect person, but it's always fun to hear how people describe how they want their partner to be. Also, psychology plays off in this question because sometimes the answers you may get with defining the perfection of their partner may stem from their culture, personal experiences, religion and etc. It's not always good to say what perfect person you want, because once you have your perfect person wouldn't the relationship become boring? Yeah, I thought so. So I am now asking you to describe YOUR perfect significant other. Please honest and as a treat I'll give you my description of how MY perfect significant other should be :-)
  1. Funny ( I love to laugh and if you can't make me laugh then there's no use of being with me)
  2. Smart (I hate being the person who thinks they know everything, I sometimes want to be taught too)
  3. Hard working (As lazy as I may get, being around a hard working person motivates me)
  4. Random (being random in good ways whether its buying a gift, a surprise date or even conversations)
  5. Adventurous ( I love to travel so being with me includes you having a infatuation for not being home)
  6. Caring (Showing respect towards others views, religion, culture as well as thinking about ME)
  7. Lives Life To The Fullest (Doesn't take life for granted, finding a way to enjoy each and every day)
  8. Argumentative (As much as a I hate to argue, I just love seeing someone argue with me :-))
  9. Strong (I'm not getting a hernia disk or anything, i'm not saying be Hercules just be well equipped)
  10. Honest (Say what you mean by doing what you say)