December 7, 2011

In The Christmas Spirit

Our Christmas tree in the household in all up and the color scheme this year is silver and turquoise. My mother also had this idea of buying these two moving Mr. and Mrs. Claus musical figurines that I find very creepy. I just think they're both going to come alive and just follow me throughout the house. We brought a real tree again this year from Home Depot and ornaments from various places that sold Christmas decorations. It's hard though finding the same exact shade of turquoise.

However, we are in the Christmas spirit, on our coffee table in the living room, we have our Christmas Elves Chess Set, decorated the outside with inflatable characters and we have Elmo sitting in the living room with his Santa hat and watching the tree. Oh' my favorite inflatable we have is this big Christmas dog whom I named Benjie'; I love him!!! We are very festive, I mean Christmas is BIG!!! I can't wait to attend the parties. Check out some pictures of how we decorated.

How have you decorated?