December 21, 2011

Introduced To New Music

Yesterday as I was hanging with my friend Britnie Antoinette ( I love calling her by that name) and her iPod music selection just so happened to be playing (of course, it's her car lol) which I actually enjoyed, she had a little bit of everything from Beyonce, Dev, Drake, Lil' Wayne and much more I mean Britnie can just become a house party DJ! Nonetheless I was introduced to an artist I've never heard before, after doing research I found out this young beautiful voiced girl was from the UK which is why I never heard of her. 

The artists name is Ellie Goulding, maybe some of you have heard of her, but I sure didn't until I got in Britnie Antoinette's car. After playing a few songs of hers, I began to become very interested in Ellie Goulding, she can sing her ASS off and the lyrics to her songs just speaks TRUE ARTIST. When you get a chance check her out and thank you Britnie for introducing me to Ellie (Ella) Goulding lol. It's always fun browsing through your friends iPods and listening to music you've never heard before, I suggest people do it. You may never expand your music knowledge catalog if you're not aware of what's out there. PS. "Lights" is my favorite of Ellie's