December 22, 2011

Shake A Paw Puppies

Seriously, I love going to pet stores just to look at all the cute adorable puppies you can possible imagine. The other day my friend Britnie Antoinette and myself took a trip after school out to Shake A Paw pet store on Route 22 in New Jersey. Neither one of us had the money to buy a puppy, but I just love the fact that you can take out a puppy and play with them lol. I have a female Shih-Tzu already and I'm always asking my mom for another dog, I'm always setting myself up for failure lol. We took out a 2 month old female Yorkshire Terrier who is a feisty and energetic little playful pup. We named her Tullulah, CUTE RIGHT!? 

We were done with Tullulah because she had peed on the floor and was rolling around in her pee which was so weird. Then I met another little Lhasa Apso puppy who was the cutest male dog I've ever seen. He was the cutest white/dirty blonde fluffy little thing. I felt a connection with him dearly, even though we didn't take him out of the cage there was something that felt like we were meant to be. I wanted him dearly and I still do. I named him Rio! Of course, I couldn't tell you this story without having pictures, so here are some pictures plus a lil extra treat after the jump. Enjoy :-)!