December 20, 2011

Visit My BFF Britany's Tumblr Blog

I'm not so hip on the whole Tumblr craze, which I've had for a minute now but my best friend decided to jump on the craze and create a Tumblr blog page. It was very shocking, because my best friend Britany isn't much of a writer or doesn't have the patience for a blog at all. To her interest, she noticed having a Tumblr blog page doesn't mean you have to always write you can keep it as visual photos and keep it moving. Brilliantly Britany decided to create a Tumblr page and each month include a theme for it.

This December's theme is a series of black and white photos of pictures surround love, relationships, funny cartoons, song lyrics, inspirational quotes, and more. I mean the title of her blog is Live Fast. Die [Pretty], you can only imagine the random interesting stuff she posts. I'm just a tad bit jealous she knows mostly the creative ropes and tricks to Tumblr more than I do and I had my Tumblr page longer than her!!! Lol, that's Britany for you, fun, loving, smart and creative. If you are on the Tumblr wave please make sure you follow Britany on Tumblr and check out her dope page. You'll love it as much as i'm obsessed with it!!!

Britany's Tumblr: