February 28, 2011

Last Day of Junk Food

Today marks the last day i'm eating a whole bunch of fast food and junk food. I'm doing this to get my body in shape for the summer. I know the holidays are over and I should've began to start working out as the new year started, but hey we all get lazy and comfortable therefore slacking. March 1, 2011, I will begin working out again and eating much healthier. Maybe a cheat snack here or there, but only once a week. I totally have to look good this summer and fit into slimming pieces I brought last year. I plan on working out until June 1, 2011. So wish me luck! I hope I reach my weight goal. Did you start to work out? Have you been working out? What are your routines? What foods did you cut out?

The New MacBook Pro

Apple just released their new upgraded version of the Macbook Pro 2011. It's supposed to be a lot much faster and they even included a few interesting kicks and gadgets to the highly used laptop. I'm saving my hard earned money for one of these bad boys, hopefully by the end of this spring semester i'll have one in my hands ready to iChat away lol. I'm totally obsessed with Macs and Apple products in general. How many of you down MacBooks? What do you think about the new 2011 upgrade edition ones? How many of you are going to get it?

February 25, 2011

Throwback Friday - Ashanti "Foolish"

We are back again on this such messy rainy day here in Jersey. Today I bring to you Throwback Friday and  a close friend of mine Malyka decided I should pick Ashanti and her debut song "Foolish". When Ashanti came out in 2001, she was on top of everything including her music. Ashanti's album "Ashanti" was the anthem for every teenage girl and young women going through relationship problems. "Foolish" will always be my favorite song and video from Ashanti. Her voice is absolutely incredible. ITS MURRRRRRDDDAAAAAAA haha =). What are your favorite Ashanti songs? Do you remember the Murder Inc. Reign?

February 23, 2011

Wishful Wednesday...

Haha, so I guess everyone know's my Wish this Wednesday. I already have a Shih-Tzu, but she's growing up and really hasn't never been around other dogs. Tokyo, my Shih-Tzu, needs company in her life. I'm beginning to think about saving up tons of money again to buy a boy Yorkshire/Maltese mix. Yes! This is Wishful Wednesday. Let's Make It Happen People!!! Who Wants To Sponsor? =) 

February 22, 2011

Showing Love For Animals

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Tasty Tuesday: Fruit Smoothie

How good does this Smoothie look? It's too die for right? Well, i'm making it today's Tasty Tuesday fixer upper.  I live for good smoothies especially Strawberry and Banana ones. I think Dunkin Donuts makes them or they used to, but I remember always getting one from them. Therefore now, if they don't sell them you can make your own =). Enjoy!

February 21, 2011

Joyce Bonelli Made My Day =)

The infamous celebrity makeup artist & fashion forward-nista Joyce Bonelli made my day today with her reply to my tweet, I sent her last night. If you don't know who Joyce Bonelli is she is HUGE notable makeup artist who travels around the world with her A-List Celebrity Clients such as; Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Kourtney & Kim Take New York) and Holly Madison (The Girls Next Door/Holly's World). HUGE right?! We'll if you have been keeping up with Joyce, you'll recognize her in and out appearances on both reality shows. What draws me to Joyce so much is the cutest way she says the word "GORGEOUS" haha. Joyce with her already cute soft baby voice screams the phrase "HEY GORGEOUS" and it is the most cutest thing in the world =). Kim Kardashian even stated somewhere on her blog or Twitter she has Joyce's "Hey Gorgeous" as her ringtone.

New Music: DJ Noso - We Run Club Vol. 1

It looks like RUNDJs just don't stop grinding! Run DJ's Own DJ NOSO has just released volume 1 of a mashup of club hits. Vol 1 is sure to bring a beat to your feet and bop to your head. Why Not pre-game to one of the hottest Club Mixtapes of the year. Hear exclusive music from DJ Lilman, DJ Frosty, Ms Porsh, Jayhood and more. If you you're downloading We Run Club Vol.1 then your computer/laptop isn't doing something right. It's guaranteed you're going to be rocking with the best once you download a RUNDJ mixtape. Support the Jersey Movement And Support Great DJ's! You can also keep up to date with latest entertainment, sports, music, video & much more from RUNDJs exclusively on their blogsite RunNJ.TV.

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A Book You Should Read Into

Here's a book I highly recommend you all should read. It was a reading material I had to read for class last semester. I honestly thought I wouldn't enjoy it, but I found myself reading the book every single day even between my classes. If you read The Kite Runner then you will love A Thousand Splendid Suns. Such a very easy book to read but will have you in tears. Take the time out to read every day. The more you read the better your vocabulary! =) 

A Video Down Memory Lane

There has been many countless times I've visited BET's top countdown show 106 and Park. I've never went by myself, I always went with friends. The times I mostly went my BFF always came along with me. I remember we went to the the city (New York) on a hot summer day just to walk around and visit Manhattan Mall. We never intended on going to 106 and Park that day, so we basically said what the hell let's stop by. Not knowing who was the special guests were we totally looked crazy lol. Shockingly, BET.Com has footage of my bff and I in the audience at 106 and Park. I'm not going to tell you who the special guests were, you just have to watch for yourself =). Also can you spot my bff and I?

                                                     BET Videos          

February 18, 2011

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Is anybody going to see this movie today? Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson are hysterically two funny comedians. I'm hoping I get a chance to see the movie this President's Day weekend. Anybody out there want to take me to see the movie =)? Your Treat And All?! lol. If you see the movie let me know how it is. Take a look at the trailer.

Throwback Friday - Soul For Real "Candy Rain"

Who can forget when the 90's was taken over by girl and guy groups? lol. The group that really stuck out in my head was Soul for Real and their hit single "Candy Rain". Growing up I remember at every party I went to their cd was on full blast. My mother even brought the album which I cannot find today for some reason. Soul for Real was a R&B group of brothers. If i'm not mistaken rapper Heavy D discovered them and took them under his wing. I had to be about 6 to 7 years old knowing all the songs on their album; it was completely funny. So without further adieu I'm proud to announce today's Throwback Friday is dedicated to the group Soul for Real with "Candy Rain". They only came out with one album, I wonder where are they now?!

February 17, 2011

My Signature Smell...

Lately I've been having a sophisticated sexual addicting signature smell to myself. I've been hearing everyone say I smell so good and sweet its as if they would just want to eat me up lol. Well, I have to give great good credit to the man behind my new signature smell world renown famous fashion designer Oscar De La Renta "De La Renta". I actually found it in the cabinet of my mother's bathroom which she never opened so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make use of it. My mother is big on receiving gifts such as perfumes and smells good but with her weak smell of sweet scents she can't hardly use them because she'll get light headed in just a few minutes. Therefore, you can find me using most of the products lol. I usually wear Paris Hilton's cologne set but this Oscar De La Renta has been giving me a lot of outstanding compliments. I don't quite actually know where to purchase the perfume but i'm pretty sure it's not that hard to find if you use the internet or go to Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom and Sephora retail stores. 

The scene to me is very unisex. Guys and Girls can both use the perfume. It's not too sweet and it's not too strong; it's just right. This is a fantastic smell good and I recommend it for everyone to go out and buy. Thank You Mr. De La Renta! =)

New Music: KevvPiee

Ha! What can I say about my dope outrageous unpredictable homie Kevin Pie? lol. Well, he also found a new venture and that is rapping. You'd be surprise how dope his skills are #pause. This 19yr old hits the studio a few times out the week to give us snippets of his freestyles which he writes himself. The beats he freestyles to are remarkable dope. All I can say is you never know with Mr.Pie! So far he has 3 songs out entitled "Get The Money", "KevPie Freestyle" and "Large on the Streets".  You can exclusively download them on his SoundCloud music page. Hopefully we'll see some music videos for these 3 hits =).  Check out the three songs after the jump. Also add Pie on FaceBook and Twitter. He's also a Ladies Man too, so ladies he'll put that smile on your face long time! haha

New Music: GMB - Head To Ya Toe

Nothing inspires me more than great young talented people trying to make a change in their lives by using one of the greatest tools ever...MUSIC. My two friends has formed an outstanding lyrical rap group by the name of GMB. The two members are Rose Pop Bottlezz Rell and Travis "T-Stunna" Thomas. These two rappers hail from Newark,NJ. Their music is dope and the lyrics are very catchy. "Head To Ya Toe" is very nice seductive song for the ladies. I'm by far sure once you hear the song you'll want to hear more from this group. Let me know if you're feeling the group and the song. Continue after the jump for more songs from GMB. I see a big things happening from this group. Check Them Out On FaceBook & YouTube The Links Are Posted After The Jump.

February 16, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

Okay, you all know what goes on this day. Today is Wishful Wednesday, the day where you get to make one wish out of the week. It can be any wish you can think of. There are a lot of wishes I'm thinking about posting today but I refuse to be too greedy lol. As you can see above in the picture are iPod headsets. Automatically, you know my wish is going to be something about music. Want to know what it is? Well then you'll just have to read beyond the jump. Enjoy! Let me know what wish you have for the day....

February 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Wingless Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This is my favorite new infatuation. Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I tried it towards the end of last year and OMG it is absolutely the best. I thought why not just search or the recipe and come to find out it's actually easy to make. I think i'm going to throw a pizza party, instead of ordering pizza my friends and I will make them lol. I'm actually craving for a slice right now. Anyone want to buy me a slice? =). Check after the jump for the recipe. Bon' Appetite'!

February 14, 2011

UCC's Valentine's Day Fiesta

UCC (Union County College) did a great set up in the spirit of Valentine's Day. They had a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, played music, sold cupcakes, cookies and most of all gave out special roses to those couples who won the scavenger hunt =). I thought it was very festive of UCC to do. This was my first time actually sitting in the Commons area while UCC threw an extravagant event. I must say it was cute; maybe I should join the other UCC Students more often? lol.......We'll SEE! My good friend Malyka joined in with me also to watch the festivities. Take a look at some pics after the jump. =)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone. I hope those who are in a relationship are not just going all out for their significant other just today. You should celebrate Valentine's Day everyday of the week with your lover. Even though I'm single, I still showed love to all my friends and family. I love them all but most of all my Valentine is my dog Tokyo =). So tell me Valentiners out there, what did you get or do for your significant other on this delightful pretty pink and red day? Or What do you have planned this coming weekend? I hope some ideas were thought out the box lol.

Im Back!!!

Hey Everyone I Am Finally Back!!! I don't even know where to start lol. My last post was January 27th which was 2 days before my Birthday. I think we lost contact after my Birthday festivities and such forth. I am here to say that there will be no more long vacation breaks from me =). I'm back with all new blog post, music, movies, fashion, lifestyle and of course a bunch of my crazy stories. I will include a post about what I did on my 22nd Birthday. I will catch you up on what crazy happened to me this weekend. Overall, i'm just so happy to be back on my blog and writing. I don't know what to write but Thank You to those who takes the time out of their busy life to view my blog. Thank You Very Much. Talk To You Soon!!!