June 30, 2011

Vote Lady Keeya For Big Sean's Finally Famous Beauty Search

Hey everyone, I would like you to vote for my dear close friend/fam & model Lady Keeya for rapper Big Sean's Finally Famous Beauty Search. The winner of the competition gets a cameo appearance in Big Sean's next music video for his new single "Dance Ass". I mean don't you think my girl Keeya has the assets for the video? lol. Keeya is so gorgeous and her personality is out of this world. Though, she does play coy very good, but she ain't fooling me...NOT NEVER!!! lol. Vote this beauty everyday and don't forget to tell a friend. I love Keeya and I wish her the best of luck! Just Don't Get Close To MY MAN BIG SEAN!!! Thank You! xoxo. So Vote Or Die! Vote Or Die! The link will be posted right below along with Keeya's Twitter if you want to hit her up :-)
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The Many Styles Of Yami PLANKING

The other day I posted my friend Yami following the #PLANKING movement where her first PLANK was on top of a pot lol. I promised you all, if she did other PLANKS I would be more than likely to share them with you. Well, little to my knowledge, Yami must've did a total of eleven PLANK positions that same day. Each one of them were still creative and it looks painful in some lol. I don't know where Yami thought of these ideas, but that girl has one sick mind lol. Look after the jump to see the rest of Yami and her #PLANKING

How Hot Are JWoww's Legs?

I just want to take the time out to say how hot are JWoww's legs? I mean they look fit, toned and sexy. I want my legs like that so bad, seriously what workouts is she doing? Give me some tips Jenni lol. I was just browsing through my favorite celebrity candid pics website Zimbio, when I came across this picture. Great news for you Jersey Shore fans, the cast is back in Seaside Heights filming their fifth season. Stay tuned! 

June 29, 2011

so over the MARVIN'S ROOM remixes!

OKAY! enough is enough already. Aren't you sick and tired of the "Marvin's Room Remixes" that's been buzzing the internet and radio scenes? I know I am. I just have to say this, there can only be two versions of the song originally recorded by DRAKE. The two versions are a guy's point of view and a girl's response. There are six official celebrity remakes that are out i'm aware of; Drake, JoJo, Teyana Taylor, Romeo, Sammie and Chris Brown. I've heard only the first four and then yesterday I heard Chris Brown's remix. I must say it's all beginning to sound repetitive of what Drake and JoJo are saying. There is nothing different or special about remixing a remix. Like I said, there can only be two versions and that's a guy's point of view and a girl's response. 

Therefore, we have out two versions Drake and JoJo. Not bashing the rest of the artists who hopped on the song, I just feel enough is enough, the song basically talks about one thing and from it you can't branch onto different topics. This song is just going to stay the same lol. I wonder if everyone else is on the same page with me. I'm not going to give my opinion on each song, but I will say out of all the mixes, the only one I prefer to listen to is Drake and JoJo's but I'll listen to JoJo's version first if anything. If you didn't hear all of the versions to "Marvin's Room" continue after the jump and you can listen to them there. Let me know how you feel? 

Wednesday: Caption It

Caption It! 

June 28, 2011

Yami Planking

I don't know what's up with this #Planking but ever since Sunday, it's become a world wide Trending Topic on Twitter. It's so funny because I guess planking is when you lay your body in a plank position on top of anything and I guess you have your plank lol. When I plank, I'm used to doing exercise moves; so this is weird for me. All over Twitter, there are people tweeting pictures of themselves or others planking. I seen some funny pictures, but my friend Yami, took the crown when she posted a picture of her planking on top of a POT! YES! A POT! LOL. Yami is crazy and you never know what's going on in that girl's head. How cute is her plank though? The best one I've ever seen lol. Yami, agreed with me to do more creative plank moves, so let's see what other planks she comes up with and I'll post it on my blog :-)
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Beyonce's '4' Album In Stores Now!!!

Beyonce's long awaited album '4' is finally out in stores now!!!! I woke up early this morning to go out and get the album at TARGET where only the deluxe version is sold. This album is so worth the cost and wait. I'm never disappointed in Beyonce. I would like all of you to get the album digitally on iTunes, Amazon or you can buy the hard copy anywhere records are sold; but preferably TARGET. Go the extra mile and pick up the deluxe. I also recorded my journey on getting the album even did some promoting lol. I was amazed at how TARGET was nice enough to set up Beyonce's new release display. Check the pictures after the jump and go out and get '4'!!!! 

Dailyn Santana: 'I'm Cliche, But I'm Me'

My dear friend Dailyn is back again for this weeks installment of her incredible acting segments. I mean how wonderful is her acting? lol In this video entitled 'I'm Cliche, But I'm Me' it seems as if her and a guy friend are studying and the pressure must have build up and gotten to her so she storms trying to get out, but ends up running into the men's bathroom, shortly coming out to relieve the stress that's been haunting her. This is so good. Dailyn, reminds me of a young Julia Roberts, her acting is just incredible. I would love to see her on the big screen STARRING not SUPPORTING!!!! I'll be nice and share the video with you all lol, check after the jump on her stunning performance. 

Tasty Tuesday: Popeye's Biscuits

In honor of Beyonce's '4' album release, I thought i'd dedicate today's Tasty Tuesday to Beyonce and her favorite fast food restaurant which is 'Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits'. Everyone loves Popeyes and I know I live for their yummy soft biscuits with jelly. Now I found a recipe for it online, I don't think it's the real one lol, but let's see how they come out. Without further adu, I present you Beyonce's favorite fast food restaurant  'Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits: Biscuit Recipe'. If it doesn't come out right, then you can always go and buy 3 for $1 lol. Bon' Appetite! 

June 27, 2011

Maxim's Hometown Hotties Top 100 Vote For Dariany Santana

Dariany - Kenilworth, NJ

Congrats to my beautiful friend for making it to the TOP 100 of the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2011. It's down to the beauty and the fittest. With the help of you and I and others we can get Dariany to be number 1. So please spread the word and vote for my friend Dariany! Woohoo Go Dari-Doll XoXo!!! Click the link below to get the vote, remember to vote everyday up until the voting poll closes. 

Beyonce's CNN @ 9PM Interview W/ Piers Morgan Tonight!

Tonight Beyonce sits down for a hour-long interview with UK's own Piers Morgan. The interview begins tonight at 9PM on CNN via "The Piers Morgan Show". I will be watching, will you? Tune in and don't miss the talk about what Beyonce has been up to since her year long vacation, to her marriage with Jay-Z, and the direction of her new album '4'. Don't turn your television station, Beyonce will SLAY this interview ;-)!

Beyonce '4' In Stores Tomorrow

Well folks, we've come to nearly the end of the road. Beyonce's forthcoming album '4' is available for purchase tomorrow. Seems like it's been forever hasn't it? Well if you didn't pre-order your copy it's never too late and or also you can just pick up your hard copy tomorrow anywhere where records are sold. After hearing the whole album on Beyonce's website, I must say every song is beautifully written and sang. The songs on this album are untouchable. You will love this piece of work Beyonce has created. Its fact that you will not skip a song, it will just play right through. This album reminds me of Dangerously In Love album, but with a kick of new school feel. There's a lot of slow ballads with uptempo tunes, but in reality it will have you jamming. I love Beyonce and I thank her for going 14 strong years blessing us with the gift of her voice and creativity. "Thank You Bey, You Are My Muse And One Day I Hope To Meet You So I Can Fully Feel Your Embrace. I Love You." - LaTroy Watson. Everyone please go pick up the album, not just 1 copy but 3 or 5. Like I said before each member in the household should purchase at least 2 or 3. Thank You!!! lol. 
June 28th BABY!!!!

Happy Birthday Khloe Kardashian-Odom

Happy 27th Birthday To One Of My Idols, Khloe Kardashian-Odom. I Love You So Much, You Inspire Me To Be Myself And Give Two FUCKS What Anyone Has To Say About Me. You Are My Favorite Kardashian, And I Thank GOD Kris And The Late Great Robert Kardashian Created You. You Are Funny, Cute, Smart, Beautiful And Full Of Personality. May God Bless You With Many More Khlo-Ball XoXo Oww, Get It Honay!!! Lol. Love You Khloe'!!!
-LaTroy Watson

Fashion: Color Blocking Summer 11'

This summer has been pretty interesting so far. A lot of celebrities have stepped up their fashion in such a big way this summer. Not only is it the celebrities, but the designers are re-introducing us with the fad from the late 70s and 80s. This phenomenal fad is called Color Blocking. It's when you take bold bright or dark colors and mix them with other bold bright/dark colors to give you a pop out illusion that blocks out each color you're wearing as if it was a boxing match for the colors. I decided to try this Color Blocking fad to see how I would look. Fashion is a daring piece of art work. You either have to get lost in the dirt or be in the known. I rather take a risk and be scene rocking these bold bright colors. Have anyone started the trend? Do you like Color Blocking?

June 24, 2011

Throwback Friday - Michael Jackson Feat. Janet Jackson "Scream"

Sadly tomorrow marks the 2yr anniversary of the death of the greatest pop icon that ever lived...MICHAEL JACKSON. In keeping his legacy alive, I am making today's Throwback Friday "Scream". A song him and his sister Janet Jackson collaborated on and it became a hit for those telling people to BACK UP OUT MY FACE!!! The dance in this video is so sick and just simply hard to even catch up on, well for me. Millions of people miss Michael Jackson and it was sad what he had to go through his last living days. It still seems so surreal to me that Michael Jackson is gone. I know one thing, down the line in my family's generation I will keep Michael's legacy alive till the last day the earth will stand. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL, AND MISS YOU. 

Is Kim Kardashian's Booty Real?

Since Kim Kardashian stepped onto the Hollywood scene in 2006 people have questioned whether her volumptious booty was real or had some plastic surgery work to it. Well, Kim decided to put an end to all the rumors and madness by going to get a Butt X-Ray done which was filmed during Season 6 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The crazy episode premieres this Sunday on E! at 10 P.M. Eastern. Luckily, we have a clip of what will go down as Kim get's her Butt X-Ray. View the video after the jump.

June 23, 2011

Beyonce '4' TARGET Promo

The past recent weeks Beyonce has been doing tons and tons of heavy promotion for her upcoming album '4' which hits stores June 28th. Although, it really hasn't been TV appearances, Beyonce has been talking to the media outlets through journalists. YES! Every magazine that seems to be coming out mostly have all of Beyonce's face and a look back  from when she first started in the entertainment business to now with the release of her album '4' which we all will love. Beyonce has teamed up with TARGET in addition to release a deluxe edition of her album. The deluxe album will feature 6 new songs, 3 originally new and 3 remixed versions to "Run The World (Girls). Only TARGET stores will have the deluxe edition so if you want more BEYONCE then I suggest you take your behind to your TARGET chain and rack up! Check out the '4' promo video Beyonce and TARGET have teamed up to gives us all. 

Good Morning America Concert Series: Beyonce

Attention!!! The ABC Good Morning America Summer Concert Series sponsored by Burger King will present you with a free concert from Beyonce, in promoting her year long awaited album '4' July 1st. Want to know how you can attend this free concert? Well if you are serious 1st you have to buy me a MacBook and purchase 5 copies of Beyonce's album '4' when it hit stores June 28th. I'm kidding about the MacBook, but I do want you to purchase 5 copies of Beyonce's '4' album. 5 copies per person in every household. Lol, read after the jump on how you can attend this once in a lifetime event. 

Countdown To Beyonce's '4'

Beyonce fans and those who aren't this countdown is for YOU. Beyonce is giving us all a special treat up until the release of her forthcoming album '4'. A song off of the album will be released everyday until the release of the album on June 28th. Well, since i'm a little late with this post, there are 7 songs already unlocked and the 8th song will be released today at noon. I have to say this '4' album will be a remarkable lifetime favorite of mine. The sound sounds so rich, new, soulful and just too damn good to not even purchase digitally or hard in hand. So far my favorite song has been "I Miss You". I can't stop listening to the song; I feel like emotionally and through experience I relate to the song. You can be apart of the countdown everyday by logging onto Beyonce's website "Beyonce Online" <------ Click The Link. And rock out to the lovely and talented Beyonce. Let me know what you think of the songs so far. 

June 22, 2011

New Music: Y.L. "The Graduate" Mixtape Hosted By DJ Grady

I just want to introduce you all to this dope ASS rapper from the DMV, mainly from Virginia named Y.L. It's crazy how I even got to know this guy. I received an email from Twitter reporting I had a new follower by the name of @DaRealYL, I got extra souped because I thought it was the rapper who sung "Racks on Racks on Racks" lol. Then I remembered that rapper's name was Y.C. I didn't pay any mind to it and was like oh' okay just probably another rapper like everyone else trying to make it big. Then I saw he was tweeting a mixtape he just released. I tweeted back and asked where could I listen to his music or if he had a YouTube page. Y.L. replied back and gave me a link to his mixtape that was downloadable for FREE

I downloaded the album and for an hour, I found myself jamming to this incredible piece of art. It's rare that I randomly listen to an up and coming rapper's mixtape so I was actually shocked at myself last night. This kid really has got his own sound and you can hear in his voice he has his own SWAG. I recommend you download his mixtape. I was jamming to every song on my iTunes. I just hope he starts having shows over here in the Tri-State area so I can see him perform live; preferably JERSEY!!! lol. Y.L. has my support and I've become a fan. I will post the download link below along with the Mixtape Tracklist. I don't even know this kid and I'm proud of him lol. Ladies I think he's single too lol. 

A Day At The Shore

Monday, my friend Diane and I decided to take a personal day off from work and school and hit the beach and catch up. It was good for me because I haven't been to the shore/beach in about two years (Cray Cray) Right?! Well, we visited Pt. Pleasant Beach somewhere in South Jersey. We hit up this place on the boardwalk called "Tiki Bar" and Diane ordered 2 LIT's (Long Island Iced-Tea)1 shot of Patron and 1 Corona. I mean she didn't intake all by herself; I helped too; we are in no way shape or form alcoholics THANK YOU.  Not only were we there for fun, but we talked about some deep stuff in our lives. I really opened up to Diane and vice-versa about a lot of personal information. Diane is such an amazing friend, funny, beautiful and so REAL! What can I say I LOVE THE BITCH! Facetiously speaking lol. Not only did we have drinks, the best part of our day was looking at all the cute guys with banging bodies!!! I'm def going back! Of course, I took some pics. Check after the jump. PS. I Look A Mess *Don't Judge* 

Britany's 22nd Birthday Pics

Last week, my BFF as you all know Britany celebrated her 22nd birthday at Houlihans Restaurant & Bar. The love for Britany was all in the air. A lot of people dined and stopped by to celebrate the gorgeous girls' 22nd birthday. I only took some pics, they aren't much but when Brit posts her's on FaceBook, i'll be sure to snag them. I also have a video, which I will also post up here. Till then enjoy the pics biiiiatchesz

Wednesday: Caption It

Caption It!

June 21, 2011

The Model: Owen McPherson

My friend Owen, is trying something new. He's tapping his foot into the world of modeling. This past weekend he recently had a photo shoot and the pictures came out like he was already giving Tyson Beckford a run for his money lol. I only got to snag two pictures but when I get more, I'll be sure to post them up. So far with the two pics, I think the Kid Owen has potential in the modeling world. Ladies, What Do You Think? 

Also, Become A Friend Of Owen's Via The Following:
FaceBook: Owen McPherson
Twitter: @OSHXT

What Are Your 10 Commandments In A Relationship?

Many, many years ago in the year 1999, Destiny's Child released their sophomore album entitled "Writings On The Wall", an album with their commandments (do's and dont's) in relationships. Each song on the album was either a do or a don't. They gave us 14 commandments and it was either you agreed or disagreed. The album was pretty much an anthem for the ladies. If you brought the album and didn't hear the commandments and went straight towards your favorite tunes, here's what you missed: 

  • Commandment #1: Thou Shall Not Hate.
  • Commandment #2: Thou Shall Pay Bills.
  • Commandment #3: Thou Shall Confess.
  • Commandment #4: Thou Shall Not Bug.
  • Commandment #5: Thou Shall Not Give Into Temptation.

Tasty Tuesday: Incredible Bleu Cheese Coleslaw

Who doesn't love a good coleslaw meal? I remember only eating them whenever I had KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). I really don't know what was the juicy liquid in the coleslaw but I remember loving it. I actually don't know what coleslaw is lol, I think it's a whole bunch of lettuce, carrots and etc. All I know is that I was browsing  ex-Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankel's website and I came across this delicious coleslaw recipe but with bleu cheese. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Bleu Cheese has got to be one of my favorite dressings on salad or pasta. I'm immediately going to try this once I get my hands on some lettuce and blue cheese lol. This is why I'm making today's Tasty Tuesday meal Bethenny Frankel's "Incredible Bleu Cheese Coleslaw". Have you ever had it before? 

June 20, 2011

Music: Broadway Blake "I Am The Remix" Download

My great friend and OUR favorite rapper, Broadway Blake has a new mixtape out and he wants you to download it for FREE! Broadway Blake is a rapper from Newark, New Jersey whose dream is to become the greatest rapper ever. I love his music and especially when he remix's other artists's songs. On this mixtape this is what you will hear. Some of your favorite songs remixed into the Broadway Blake way. Along with being a single rapper, LADIES he's also SINGLE lol! Download "I Am The Remix" after the jump.

June 15, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday Britany!

A Happy 22nd Birthday To My BFF Britany!!! 
I Love You Girl!!! 
Can't Wait To Celebrate The Whole Week & Weekend!!!

You can leave your birthday comments for Britany here and i'll be sure to show her all the lovely birthday wishes & comments. 

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June 14, 2011

Guys: What Is Your Ideal Type?

Alright guys, I am an inquisitive person and a big NOSEY one at that. Nowadays, it seems like you guys just fall for anything that walks and has a vagina! I'm sorry but I've noticed it more than one time. It's not your fault; maybe. Well, what i'm trying to narrow down is that some of you guys act like yall don't have types. Do you just talk to anything walking? I want to know what's your ideal type? In a woman that is. If you are dating someone now, is she what your ideal type is? Is there anything she can change about herself to make her your ideal type? If you are not in a relationship, what kind of woman are you looking for? What attributes, skills personality, establishment must she have? Is race/skin complexion a big thing? Let me know guys. Let's get serious here, this is only between us, I WON'T TELL THE FEMALES! 

Ladies: What Is Your Ideal Type?

I'm a very inquisitive person and also a big NOSEY one too. Since times are changing within relationships, I always wonder what do ladies want in a guy. I wonder what attributes they look for, what body types, personalities, establishment and race/skin complexion ladies look for in a guy. It's no shocker, now a days women date outside of their race or they date the opposite of who you would think these women would date. I just want to know ladies, what is your ideal type of guy? If you are in a relationship, tell me if your guy has all the qualities you look for in a man. If you're not in a relationship, what kind of guy would you want to date or marry? Let me know, this is only between you and I :-). 

Tasty Tuesday: Turkey and Stuffin' Soup

Yum, Yum, Yum and more Yum. Who doesn't love the soft delicious taste of stuffing? The only stuffing I know about is the brand STOVE TOP. I wanted to find something healthy but also slightly hearty to the soul. Everyone loves a good soup. Soup just doesn't have to be a liquid broth, you can mix it with different foods and keep it simple. I like my soups with a meat and some vegetables. But thank GOD, there is a recipe that includes stuffing in a soup lol. You don't know how excited I am about it. I am jumping for joy! I can't wait to try it. You can get the recipe after the jump. Oh' and a super special thanks to the incredible chef Rachael Ray for lending the recipe to the Food Network Channel's website. 

June 13, 2011

The X-Factor Live Auditions

Last week, I went to The X-Factor Live Auditions with my BFF Britany and my friend Allie. Britany and I went to all of the auditions; which ended up being four separate auditions. The live auditions is where an audience of like hundreds of people get to see the contestants audition for the judges to move on to The X-Factor competition. The judges were Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid. The event was FUN FUN FUN! Here are some pictures and don't forget to watch this fall. 

June 7, 2011

VLADTV: Dailyn Santana and the Missing Passport

My friend and beautiful model Dailyn had this video on her FaceBook page and told me to check it out. I didn't even know the video was going to be of her acting. Dailyn plays this woman who loses her passport at an airport, speaks to the police officials and they are giving her a hard time. I mean it's incredible how well this girl can ACT! I thought modeling was just her resume' but my dear friend is TALENTED! I'm lost for words on how good this was. Can somebody put her on GOSSIP GIRL/GLEE/90210 PLEASE THANKS;*! Anyway, I want you all to watch Dailyn change into character and perform. I just loved it =). LOVE YOU DAI!!!! Shouts To VLADTV for putting the video on their site. Check the video out after the jump.

My Promise To Beyonce.

Recently, Beyonce's songs for her forthcoming album "4" have been trying to get leaked before its release date of June 28th. There have been singles that were posted on YouTube,FaceBook,Tumblr, and the Blogs but immediately taken down. Then there was the sneaky ones who found a way to save the song under another name so no one would find out. Well, it was written all over the internet that her whole album leaked along with a song called "Party" featuring Andre 3000. As anxious as I am to hear the album, I have to say respectfully I will not download or listen to any other tracks until the album is released on June 28th. I don't know if she will push the album up or not, but if she pushes the album up I will be gladly to purchase the album at that date.

Movie Trailer: What's Your Number?

DIAL Hand Soap Helps Nails Grow Faster

I mean bump messing with clear nail polish, if you haven't noticed, DIAL hand soap makes finger nails grow much faster. I mean it's not factual or anything but from my experience so far my nails are growing instantly lol.  Try it and let me know if you see the same results. 

Tasty Tuesday: Breakfast Anytime Sandwiches

I have to honestly say breakfast sandwiches are my favorite sandwiches in the whole wide world. I mean it's so on the go, and you can just mix it with anything. I usually love my breakfast sandwiches with sausage, egg and cheese the condiments I always use are butter, salt and pepper and grape jelly. I'm just the fattest kid on the planet believe it or not. Well we can all thank Martha Stewart, for sharing her quick breakfast recipes. Not only is it breakfast but it's a anytime breakfast sandwich for any and every occasion. So I introduce to you today's Tasty Tuesday Breakfast Anytime Sandwiches

June 6, 2011

Vote For Kaiydah Sophia

Isn't she the cutest little baby you've ever seen? Yep! She's my friends' (Veronica Coston) pride and joy baby girl. Veronica just entered baby Kaiydah Sophia in the Parents.com ,Parent Cover Contest. I'm guessing the cutest baby with the most votes will be on the cover of the next issue of Parents. I mean how can anyone turn this pretty little face down and not vote once but 4x, okay maybe 10x. Kaiydah is so adorable, her innocent angel looks says it all in this picture lol. If you think Kaiydah should win like I do then you would help Veronica win the Parents Cover Contest and vote for Kaiydah Sophia!!!! All you have to do is just click the link below. 

Chrystian Sings Tamia's "Officially Missing You"

WOW, this guy has came a long way and he's still grinding hard on his journey to becoming the world's greatest entertainer. I haven't fully met Chrystian, but I remember seeing him perform on BET's 106 and Park's "Wild Out Wednesday" competition. He performed an up-tempo song that was so hot!!! This 19yr old well, at the time he had to be 16, but he can dance and sing his ASS off! After seeing him deliver on the stage, I knew he was going to be something big. Don't compare him to Chris Brown or any other r&b artist out there, Chrystian has his own swag and his voice is remarkably beautiful; never heard before ANYWHERE! 

The Columbus,Ohio native recently did sat down with one of his producers and did an acoustic version of Tamia's hit song "Officially Missing You" on YouTube. This is one of my favorite songs from Tamia and I believed he nailed the song note to note exactly how Tamia sung it. But in his own way as if he came up with the song. I loved this video and I think you will enjoy it. Check the video after the jump.

ABC Family's New Original Series: Switched At Birth

Finally more diversity on our television screens than bickering reality show cat fights lol. ABC Family has a new original series titled "Switched At Birth". I thought it was going to be one of their great movies, but thank GOD it's actually a show. The show is based on two girls mistakenly switched at birth. Years passed and both girls are entering high school, when studying blood types in school, one girl questions why her DNA never matched any of her parents, she begins to ask questions and the hospital delivers the news of the mistake. The other girl however, is deaf. Now they have to cope with starting to a family to strangers they never met, coping with the peers at school, and getting along with each other. It sounds so confusing, but thank GOD for YouTube and trailers lol. I have the trailer so you can understand what the show is about.

Pre-Order "4" By Beyonce

Beyonce's highly anticipated forthcoming album 4 is now available to pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. The album includes the smash hits "Run The World (Girls)", "1+1", "End of Time" and her latest single "Best Thing I Never Had". The album features 12 new tracks which all of them brought a new sound to Beyonce. The album delivers your upbeat girl rocking anthems to your love ballad moments. Beyonce raised the bar on this album, she took the album into her hands by herself without her father being her manager anymore. You've seen the video to "Run The World (Girls)", you seen the performances on Oprah and The Billboard Awards, backstage dressing room rehearsal of "1+1", now it's your turn to deliver back by buying the album on June 28th. You can pre-order your copy now. When you pre-order now you automatically get the track "1+1" available to you as a treat. It's best to pre-order it now, who knows being the successful on top celebrity she is, her album might sell out in seconds. That's how great Beyonce is =). Take a look at the track listing after the jump. There is some special news inside too! 

June 3, 2011

Joelle James Covers Beyonce's "1+1"

YouTube sensation and singer Joelle James has covered Beyonce's song "1+1". Shall I say, every time I hear Joelle cover a song from an artist she gives me goosebumps. Joelle James' voice is so powerful. This girl needs a recording contract asap! Take a look at Joelle James singing this powerful ballad. =)

Throwback Friday- Kenny G "We've Saved The Best For Last"

If you don't know about this musician then you must not know music at all. Kenny G is one of the most talented musicians of all time. He's known for his melodic tunes played on his flute. Kenny G was at the top in the late 80s till the mid late 90s. This guy will always be huge in the music industry but I haven't heard anything from him in years. He does all types of music from soft rock, pop, r&b, soul to even jazz. This guy does it all. I remember first hearing Kenny G's music in the movie "The Bodyguard" that starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. His soothing sounds on the flute can relax the meanest person on this earth. It's always a pleasure listening to the sounds of Kenny G. This is why I decided to make Kenny G's "We've Saved The Best For Last" as today's Throwback Friday. You might hear and see a big familiar famous face in the video and on the song. If you can guess who it is then your music knowledge is incredible. Enjoy your weekend and keep up on rocking! 

June 2, 2011

The Skorpion Show: Steph Jones Interview

If you love celebrity video blogging then you will absolutely love these two guys who hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They go by the name Kevin and Makael. They are two YouTube video bloggers who formed the hit YouTube show titled The Skorpion Show, are all about the entertainment industry, news and more. They are very popular and are friendly socialites with some of your favorite celebrities. They have over 57,000 subscribers and 50 million views. The Skorpion Show has became one of the most entertaining shows to watch. I'm such a big fan of the show and I got extra excited when Kevin and Makael interviewed my celebrity crush Steph Jones this past weekend. 

If you know me then, you know I am a hardcore Steph Jones fan and has been feeling for him ever since I saw him get interviewed by fellow video blogger B.Scott. I swear, Steph Jones and I are going to date one of these days lol. Steph Jones is a model, actor, singer and dancer. This guy does it all believe it or not. I haven't gone around to see the interview yet, but I wanted to share it with you all to get familiar with Kevin and Makael and also get to know who STEPH JONES really is as a person and artist. I can't wait to sit and watch it, I probably will watch this video 3x out of the day lol. I don't want to keep writing so the interview will be posted after the jump. Enjoy! 

New Music: Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had

Beyonce releases her official second single off her forthcoming album 4 entitled "Best Thing I Never Had". Everyone is already talking about how powerful and epic this song will be in her entire career. If you ask me, this song will really be one of Beyonce's all time hits. I can see the song on "The Best of Beyonce" when she releases a mix of all her hits. June 28th her album 4 will be available for purchase to the world and I can not wait! Beyonce co-written this powerful ballad with multi-platinum recording star and producer Babyface Edmonds. The two of them together need to collaborate more throughout the future. R&B music is re-birthed if you ask me. Listen to the song: 

What Did You Think Of The Song? Brilliant Right?! The song is now available for purchase on iTunes, so go out and support Beyonce!!! 
Purchase "Best Thing I Never Had"iTunes

B Scott: Kiss Kiss [Debut Single]

Media and Celebrity Blogger/Socialite B.Scott is now blessing the music industry with his trance/pop music. B.Scott has been releasing some of his music on his website [Love B.Scott], but he's finally released his debut single on iTunes and a video for the pop/dance song Kiss Kiss. I absolutely love the video and the song. I wrote a comment on his YouTube page saying "the clubs better play this song. Btw, I can hear a remix with Nicki Minaj." I'm so happy for B.Scott's on going success, who knew YouTube would give him such an outstanding platform into the Entertainment Industry. Congrats, B.Scott!!! Everyone purchase his debut single Kiss Kiss on iTunes now! Just to give a little treat, the video is posted after the jump. Enjoy =).

June 1, 2011

Wednesday: Caption It

Caption The Picture. 

Wednesday: Caption It Details

I stated last week there would be no more Wishful Wednesday posts and that I will begin a new fun post. Well the new Wednesday posts is going to be called Caption It. Caption It is where I will post a random picture up of anything and you all have to write the caption to what's going on in the picture. I got the idea from a few bloggers and websites where they would post the most outstanding hilarious captions of celebs, musicians, people, animals and many more. I decided to bring the laughter and enjoyment on my blog. So every Wednesday, you will see a picture and you guys will come up with a caption for it. How does that sound? Fun right? This isn't the first picture post so PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A CAPTION FOR THE PICTURE ABOVE!!! LOL, Have Fun!