July 29, 2011

Toya 'A Family Affair': You're Cordially Invited To...

Last month, Antonia "Toya" Carter Wright tied the knot with Mickey "Memphitz" Wright via private small ceremony with immediate loved ones and friends. The cameras were there to catch the whole wedding due to Toya filming her reality show Toya: A Family Affair. Toya and Memphitz were more than nice enough to share the episode with us all. There almost wasn't a wedding Toya dreamed of due to some complications with the weather earlier in the day. The wedding turned out to be a beautiful and joyful day for both bride and groom. Watching the wedding also made me shed a few tears also. You can truly feel the love these two have for one another. It was also touching because it became the missing puzzle to Toya's life. It was her closing the chapter to the end of a saga and beginning a new one with the man of her life. I don't want to give too much away, but thank BET, Toya and Memphitz for sharing the episode with us for all to see. You can view the wedding after the jump. I told myself I would never get married, but after watching this episode my mind might have been changed :-)

Throwback Friday: Zhane "Hey Mr. D.J."

One of my favorite RnB groups of the 90s were the two female duo Zhane (pronounced Jah-Nay). These two sisters had the 90s in the palm of their hand. I remember my mother purchasing their self titled album "Zhane" and she would play it all the time. Ever song on the album was just an instant hit. I miss the RnB 90 years. Music was so real back then and so live. Zhane however made you feel like you could jam anywhere listening to their album. My favorite song of theirs happens to be one of their smash hit singles "Hey Mr. D.J". I think it was the first song I've ever heard from them lol. I don't know what's up with the duo group now, but they need to make a comeback to the music scene asap! Luckily, there is a music video for the song. So today's Throwback Friday video is from Zhane with "Hey Mr. D.J."  If you don't have the album I suggest you download it on iTunes or purchase it on Amazon. 

July 28, 2011

Introducing: Eniyyah Purvis

I was forward this beautiful intelligent artist by two friends of mine. This young r&b/pop singer and dancer goes by the name of Eniyyah Purvis (remember it). I remember my friend posted a link of hers on Twitter and it linked to a YouTube video Eniyyah had recorded. It was a cover song to Lil' Wayne's "How To Love". I was so stunned at what I had just heard. This beautiful voice coming out from this soft shy spoken young lady was just what I needed to hear to start my day. I then began to browse through the rest of her YouTube videos and stumbled upon her cover of Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love". When I say that song is such a hard song to take on, boy did Eniyyah nail it from every note to every key to every melody. I mean, she just stole my heart. It's very rare you find great talent such as Eniyyah. I'm more than sure she is going to be Jersey's next biggest star! For more information about Eniyyah, continue after the jump. 

South St. Sea Port, NYC

Yesterday, my family and I all took a quick trip to New York City's South St. Sea Port. If you aren't familiar with South St. Sea Port, it's this fabulous spot downtown where you can hang out on the pier, enjoy good food from restaurants, buy very creative clothing and jewelry or just view old ships that were used years and years ago. It's mostly a tourist attraction area, but you can never go wrong with spending time watching the harbor in good ol' NYC. I went with my grandmother, mother, uncle, aunt, cousin and little brother. We did some shopping on the strip first and then ate at the indoor mall food court. I can't tell you how crowded it was   but also how beautiful the lights lit up. 

There was also a concert going on, which featured George Clinton & Parliament. Tickets were $45 at the door, but beings that we were notified late of the concert we didn't make an attendance. South St. Sea Port will forever be one of my favorite NYC attractions to visit. I remember going when I was a little kid on school trips, but then we go to actually tour the ships and learn about them. If you ever have a day off or just a free weekend, I suggest you take a trip downtown and visit the historical site. The store fronts and restaurants are to die for! Easy way driving from anywhere but NY to get there is by taking the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City, New Jersey. That way you have a few blocks to go. 

July 26, 2011

Kelly Rowland "Here I Am" In Stores Now!!!

Kelly Rowland's third album "Here I Am" is in stores now and also available for digitally download on Amazon and iTunes. We've been waiting years for Kelly Rowland to put out another album and she has finally done it. Kelly is under a new record label Universal Motown Records and she admits this album "Here I Am" is all of her in one complete package. This album ranges from every genre of music for everyone to enjoy. "Here I Am" features singles such as the number one platinum hit "Motivation feat. Lil' Wayne", her latest single "Lay It On Me feat. Big Sean" the UK & US top dance track "Commander Feat. David Guetta" and the summer anthem "Turn It Up". Also if you pick up the deluxe edition you get four extra songs to jam to. I must say the vocals on this album are phenomenal!!! It seems as if Kelly is actually performing for you giving you her 110% best! From the ballads to the up-tempo club beat songs I'm in love. Everyone go support Kelly Rowland and pick up her album "Here I Am" which is in stores now. Especially if you are a dedicated Destiny's Child, Beyonce Knowles, & Michelle Williams fan.  

Tasty Tuesday: Traditional Southern Deviled Eggs

Since this summer heat has been getting out of control, I thought i'd cool things down a bit with the Tasty Tuesday recipes. Here is a quick summery snack that will cool you down. This recipe comes from the great chef Paula Deen and it is her Traditional Southern Deviled Eggs. Now deviled eggs is the best meal to eat during the summer. You're really not doing that much cooking, it's just boiling of eggs and putting condiments here and there. All cold condiments :-). It's something refreshing and something to keep the body cool. It's fact, to stay cool during these heatwaves is to eat and drink light. So why not cool off a bit by having some delicious hearty deviled eggs. The recipe and video are given after the jump. Bon' Appetite! 

July 25, 2011

How Do You Make Your Decisions?

We are all faced with a lot of decisions in our lives. Some may be good and some bad, but what makes these decisions turn out to be pros and cons? Why are decisions always difficult? Why couldn't we just have both sides of the decision making and we'd be happy, right? Well, sometimes in our lives we all handle decisions very well and some stress on it. But does the good always outweigh the bad? Can you turn a bad decision into a good one? Hmm, it all depends on the situation you may say. When decision making, do we rely on others to tell us what should we do? Do we go with our hearts? or Do we go with what's best for ourselves? This is me asking you how do you handle decision making? Whether it be school, work, relationship, independency, or etc. I have a huge decision I need to think about. I'm asking should I choose what's in my heart? or should I make the decision based on what will be best for me? Let me know. 

R.I.P Amy Winehouse

This past weekend we've lost one of the world's biggest talented and beautiful music artist. Amy Winehouse, passed away this past Saturday, at her home in London. The reason for her death, was unknown at the time, but i'm pretty sure they have the details which I will not discuss on here. Amy Winehouse had major trouble during her career when she made it big with her hit song "Rehab" back in 2007.  It's sad that she has passed away, because to some or all, Amy Winehouse was a powerhouse inspiration. Her voice was unique, style incredible, those cat eyes were so dreaming, her svelte body everyone wish they had and her songs that touched everyone. Amy Winehouse, was a remarkable artist intelligently and giftedly. I'm happy she has got to share her stories with us through song, but I wish she could've told a lot more stories than she has. 


July 22, 2011

Throwback Friday - Alanis Morissette "Hand In My Pocket"

I can remember growing up in the 90s listening to mainstream pop/country/r&b/soul/rap music. I remember when there were TV shows that dedicated their hour and a half to those artists with brilliant chart topping songs and phenomenal creative music videos. I remember the channel stations that just played music videos all day and the one you wanted to see you'd have to call in and give the video number code provided on the screen below the music video that was playing. I remember this one artist who was different from the rest. Her voice was so unique and corky that sounded full of southern soul. This young lady's name was Alanis Morissette, the song "Hand In My Pocket"

I was so young just listening to her sing, not knowing what she was saying in her lyrics, but I can tell the song was an uplifting song. The song was so not for me, but I continued to listen and jam every time the video came on. Then I started to catch on to the chorus and really comprehending the lyrics. The song had a powerful message. I understand it till this day completely without a doubt. I feel like it's a song for everyone to listen to and in those first 30 seconds you will fee uplifted. Alanis Morissette is an amazing singer and songwriter. She was just incredible. This is why i'm making today's Throwback Friday, Alanis Morissette's "Hand In My Pocket" and I will include the lyrics too. 

July 21, 2011

Filming My Short Documentary

To be completely clear, this is not going to be an official documentary where it's going to be shown on TV. I just thought there's a lot of me, my friends, family and loved ones do not know about me. I am a complete different person when I'm by myself. I tend to stay in my room and just do the most in this one little box area I call a living. I am in the process of recording my everyday life, the things you all don't get to see. I love filming and I love looking back on videos saying to myself, "WHAT WAS I THINKING!". I just want to be raw, candid and honest in this short documentary.I also love being open with people, we are all walks of life, but each of us are on different journeys. I will be self-filming most of the time, but when I'm with friends, I'll give you a sneak peek of how I interact with them or give you a glimpse of the crazy life we live. I don't know when i'll be finished, but just know that I'm recording :-). Stay Tuned!!!

July 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Grilled Kobe Beef Hot Dogs with Mango Chutney and Red Onion Relish

When we get up in the morning for work or school, there is one thing on our minds and that is LUNCH TIME. We all sit at our desks just thinking what will be ordering, well thanks to Bethenny Frankel, she has given us this quick wonderful lunch meal that will soothe our taste buds. This hearty quick meal happens to be Grilled Kobe Beef Hot Dogs with Mango Chutney and Red Relish. Doesn't a beef hot dog sound like the perfect choice for a lunch meal? Above in the picture it just looks good. On Bethenny's website she captions:

''This delicious chutney will jazz up any hot dog with a crisp citrusy flare, and these

dogs are so big and juicy they don’t need a bun!'' - Bethenny Frankel
I mean I live for hot dogs and i'm pretty sure if you make it the night before and bring it in for work/school, re-heat it up, it will taste the same. Anyway, we have to give a big thanks to Bethenny for this amazing dish, I'm pretty sure it also makes a quick summer evening meal too. I'm going to cook this up real soon. For the recipe  check after the jump. Happy Tasty Tuesday!!! Bon' Appetite'! 

Pre-Order "Here I Am" By Kelly Rowland

Whoa Lover! I'm so excited about Kelly Rowland's third studio album that's coming our way July 26th. Her recent single for the album "Motivation feat. Lil' Wayne" has been on top of the charts for months. Kelly Rowland's music and voice is always gifting. I love everything from her dance songs to slow jams. I sure will be getting the album and you should too. I mean, I'm a heavy Destiny's Child fan and I will continue to support each girl on their individual solo projects. I'm pretty sure you can preview the album on some websites such as Amazon and F.Y.E, but I've found a video on YouTube that has a preview of the album. If you're interested you can check after the jump for a quick listen :-). After listening to the preview myself, I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite Kelly Rowland album. Each song on the album is for everyone out there, there is a mix of all. Be sure to pick up "Here I Am" when it hits the nation July 26th

Classic Soundtrack: Return To Pride Rock - The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride

Call me a geek or what have you, but i'm truly obsessed with mostly all Disney Original Soundtracks especially The Lion King Saga. I remember my first Disney Soundtrack was The Lion King and till this day, the CD is totally scratched up. I would play the album non-stop thinking I was apart of the movie. The follow up sequel to the movie The Lion King II Simba's Pride soundtrack was just was brilliant as the first one, possibly my favorite of them all. I don't know what it is that just captivates me into the music, I think I have a LOVE for African Rhythmic Sounds. The instruments used are so simple yet so beautiful. My favorite songs on the album are of course "He Lives In You", "We Are One", "Not One Of Us" and "Love Will Find A Way". If you've never heard the album, I suggest you take a listen. This is one incredible album. 

July 18, 2011

Advice: What Is The Proper Attire For An Outside Summer Wedding?

I'm in a full dilemma with my family. I have a family wedding to attend this coming Saturday. I chose to go casual and comfortable by wearing Cargo Beige Shorts, A Nice Shirt, A Black Blazer And A Pair Of Fresh Clean Converses. I was told this family member's wedding was going to be held outside and it was supposed to be very hot that day. I am not going to be apart of the wedding just a guest. Everyone else in my family is supposed to be dressing up. Now, I think my attire if very formidable for a nice summer wedding. Some member's in my family think I will be dressed to go to a cookout. Now, I don't like dressing up, I want to feel comfortable and i'm not going to be apart of the wedding. My question is, What Is The Proper Attire For An Outside Summer Wedding? 

What's Your TV Schedule For The Week?

Okay everyone, I need your help! My TV schedule for the week is so empty. I need to start filling in PRIME TIME SLOTS! There's so much to watch and I just don't know what comes on. Usually, I'm a Reality TV show junkie, but i'm kind of tired of watching the same reality shows over and over. Throughout the Monday - Friday week there are only two days I really sit and watch my favorite shows. The only two days I look forward to are Monday and Wednesday nights. Can you believe out of five days there are only two days I really sit and watch TV? I keep my schedule very light and short, then I turn on a movie or something old like cartoons lol. I want to know what do you all watch on a weekly basis. Give me new enlightening shows I should catch up on. Especially during the evening please. After the jump I will list the shows I catch up on the only two days out of the week. If you know all the shows I can watch Prime Time, please feel free to comment and let me know :-)

Movie: Insidious

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about a recent horror flick I just watched over the weekend. I usually don't get scared of scary movies, but this one movie scared the freaking daylights out of me and I was watching it during the early morning. The horror film "Insidious" was the movie I saw, which you all probably knew since the movie poster is posted above lol. It came out earlier this year and I recently ordered it OnDemand. Well, this movie is pretty SCARY!!! Although, it's fiction without a doubt in my mind, I never thought i'd be scared. This is one good movie too, some parts of the movie seem all over the place, but it gets right together towards the end of the movie. I don't want to give much about the movie, if you seen it you know what happens, if you didn't then I will post the trailer after the jump. I recommend you all see the movie :-)

July 15, 2011

Throwback Friday - Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, & Missy Elliot - Ladies Night

Who remembers the 1997 video that gathered all the hottest on top female rappers for one big smash hit? Well, if you don't remember, then you must was born after 1997 lol. Hot 97 radio host Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, the late Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Da Brat and Missy Elliot teamed up for the ultimate rap collabo on a song that would become an anthem for women every Friday night. This jumping anthem is called "Ladies Night (Not Tonight)". Every verse on the song was brilliantly done with hella swag! The video was super crazy, exotic animals, lots of liquor, hot men, hot women in bikini's, jet ski's, and one hot sandy beach. I love and support each of these ladies, this was when female rap was at it's prime, I mean you haven't lived until you seen the video PointBlankPeriod! Check out the many cameo appearances and tell me if you can name all of them. 

July 14, 2011

Pet Grooming

Okay, I out of all people should know how tough dog grooming is. When my Shih-Tzu Tokyo gets all wacky haired and stinky, it's my duty to bathe her. The bathing part I say is the easiest of them all. The hard part about grooming a Shih-Tzu is the brushing/combing of hair. Sometimes you'll even have a worse time if your little pooch is all matted up. My dog really doesn't get matted up too often, but when she does it's usually around her paws and hinds of her legs, or merely around her vagina area EWW! Well this is because I tend not to brush her often, they say a Shih-Tzu doesn't shed a lot, but TRUST they do! It varies on the Shih-Tzu though. My dog sheds most of the time when she's nappy. I hate the hair so I try not to brush her until I give her a bath. 

July 13, 2011

Jsun Covers (I Miss You) - Beyonce

Last night on YouTube, I came across one of the most talented male singers I've ever heard on YouTube. This soulful singer goes by the name Jsun. I think he also models, but I mostly know him for his videos and covers on YouTube. He is just amazing. His voice is so melodic and chilling. Last night, I was so happy he covered one of my favorite songs by Beyonce. The song is called "I Miss You" and it is off of her fourth album '4' which is in stores now. I was searching for covers of the song and seriously I wasn't pleased until I came across Jsun's cover. The video is incredible and you can tell he was putting all his emotions in the song. I love it. Take a look. 

ooVoo night w/ Brit!

I've stumbled upon these ooVoo pictures Britany and I took when we were web-caming one night. ooVoo is this web cam service where you can chat with friends via webcam. Brit and I are so silly we would make up ridiculous screen names for our account and just chat away about NOTHING! That's how silly we are. I think we were webcam chatting for hours because we were bored. We also invited our friend Desmond along for a 3-way chat. The fun never ends with Brit and I, especially if you're on webcam with us :-). I'm actually a Skype kind of kid, but ooVoo is alright if you want just a new display. How cute is my display name "Bad FaG Bitch!"? Check out the pictures after the jump.

Wednesday: Caption It

Caption It! 

July 12, 2011

My Blog Is Now Mobile!!!

Great News Everyone!!! My blog is now mobile! I forgot to mention it to you all, but I've made the announcement via Twitter and FaceBook. I know before it was kind of hard to view my website if you were on your mobile web, but now Blogger has made it easy for everyone to see pictures and scroll through. I mean it's very convenient for those who aren't always by a computer and are just constantly on their mobile webs. Now you can view my blog on your handheld without any problems. You can also comment faster than ever. If you have a smartphone or any phone that allows you to go on the web, please check out my blog and the mobile section. Let me know how you like it. I'm pretty sure you all will love it. I'm so happy!!!! Thanks to those who have been reading what I write, I would like it if you would tell a friend and they tell a friend :-).

Tasty Tuesday: Fondue for You

I'm sorry for the late Tasty Tuesday post. I was all over the place today and the time went faster than I could get to a computer. But, i'm back with something different we all can try, if you've never had. Being such a food monster, I was browsing through Chef Emeril's website trying to find the best dish dip to complement good food. Well, being I love to make dip with sometimes the most random condiments and eat it with the high fatty foods such as french fries, burgers, hot dogs and etc., I thought it was time to go for a light dip that you can eat with a soft healthier snack. 

I came across "Fondue for You", now I've never had it before in my entire life nor do I know anyone who has tasted yet. Well, Fondue is supposed to be a light dip, for adults and children. You can eat Fondue with any small snacks or foods such as fruits, veggies, crackers and breads. It's an appetizer meal. Sounds like a quick thing to make, hopefully i'll get around to making it one day when I have some friends over. You can check how to make it and what ingredients are used after the jump. If you try it before I do, let me know how you like it :-)

July 11, 2011

Backing Up Your Phone

The last recent years, smartphones have become very popular throughout the entire world, well I know in the United States they have been. But as these smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android take over our everyday life, I have one small question to ask...Do You Ever Backup Your Phone?