August 26, 2011

Throwback Friday - Avril Lavigne "Complicated"

Who remembers the rock & pop reign of Avril Lavigne? Back in the early 2000's, 16 yr old Avril was high on the music charts with smashing hits such as "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", and "I'm With You" for her platinum selling debut album Let Go. Everyone was rocking out to Avril Lavigne whether you were Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic. The pop rock sound proved to be the best thing Avril Lavigne ever signed up for. For 8 years Avril was on top, her songs appeared on television shows, movies and commercials. 

Avril, really struck me when she came out with her sophomore album The Best Damn Thing. Songs off that album were phenomenal which included "Girlfriend", "When You're Gone", "The Best Damn Thing", "Hot" and "Keep Holding On". My favorite song from Avril, would have to be off her debut album Let Go, her first single "Complicated". "Complicated" really summed up what I was really going through at the time relationship wise, I know you all could relate. This is why today's Throwback Friday is Avril Lavgine's "Complicated". Do you remember the video and the tie fashion trend she brought back out? I wonder what Avril is up to now, she needs to come back out with some more kick ass music! Avril's voice is so beautiful. I Love Her! Check out the video for "Complicated" after the jump. 

August 25, 2011

Aaliyah Dana Haughton: The 10 Yr. Anniversary

Today marks the 10 yr. anniversary death of R&B sensation Aaliyah Dana Haughton. It was 10 years ago this day God called his precious angel upon to Heaven. Aaliyah died in a terrible plane crash on her way home (the states) from a wonderful trip in the Bahamas. Although Aaliyah lived a short life, she left behind a legacy that will never be imitated or replaced. Aaliyah was a huge selling sensation through music and movies throughout the early 90s until the early millennium years. Aaliyah's music can be heard throughout the world and her music videos are still played world wide. I will always love the person she was and how good her songs was. That voice of hers was simply angelic. Tonight on BET there will be a 10 yr. anniversary tribute to the late great Aaliyah at 8pm. Aaliyah is truly #OneInAMillion

What Is It That Makes People So Unhappy & Mean?

I was texting one of my very good friends the other day and what seemed to be a question in her mind waiting to be answered turned out to be a good blog post. So what did I do....I'm Blogging About It! Okay, so my friend Beth text me her curiosity more so of why so many people are unhappy all the time and mean.

August 24, 2011

Pure - The Stars

Check out this new video/song by New Jersey's rising artist Pure called "The Stars". I love this guy, his voice is so unique it reminds me of 90s Classic R&B. Not to add the concepts to his videos are always good and the visuals are just amazing. If you're not familiar with Pure, then I suggest you get familiar! Check out the video below:

Trey Songz First Leading Role In An Upcoming 3D Horror Film

Now wouldn't you like to see Trey Songz's body sawed into pieces? Lol, no you wouldn't, well speaking for the ladies. Trey Songz has signed on to be the leading role in the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D movie out sometime next year. If you're already familiar with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, then you know Mr. Leatherface himself is no joke to play with. This will be the soulful seductive singers first leading movie role and it's funny he chooses it to be a horror film. Not all horror films are nice to r&b singers. Luckily Brandy survived in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, but is there any truth to Trey Songz being a survivor in the movie? You know the saying "Black People Are Always Dying In Scary Movies" lol. Let's just hope Trey Songz is one of those survivors though so we can see him in the sequels to come. Since the movie is in 3D lets pray the director makes him take his clothes off leaving him in just his boxer-briefs; just another fantasy for the ladies lol. 

Will you go see Trey Songz in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D? 
What do you think about him acting? 

MTV VMA'S 2011: Britney Spears Tribute

This coming Sunday, the MTV Video Music Awards are back to our screens. This incredible night will feature top celebrities, actors, comedians, dancers, singers, etc. The performances will be out of this world and also award winners will get ecstatic. But what i'm most forward to seeing at this years VMA's is the Britney Spears Tribute. I have been a fan of Britney Spears since she came out as a major recording artist in 1997. I hadn't known she was apart of the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90s. Besides that, MTV is finally acknowledging Britney Spears's reign in the game for 14 years. Most of her years went beyond successful and some went downward, but for the past three years, Britney has proved to many why she is still the queen of pop music. I can't wait to see who will perform some of her top charting smash hits and if Britney will perform herself. Will you be watching? Are you happy for Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian's First Official Wedding Photo Unveiled

Here is your first official look of Kim Kardashian's Humphries wedding photo that's on the cover of People Magazine on newstands now. Kim Kardashian looks stunning in her Vera Wang custom designed wedding gown for the newlyweds wedding to Kris Humphries which took place this past Saturday with a guest list of 450 people. It is reported the E! reality tv personality turned entrepreneur is set to make around $17 million dollars for photos and video footage of her special day. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Pick up your copy of People Magazine and see everything from how Hollywood's Royal Wedding turned out to be a fairy tale dream come true. 

Braxton Family Values Season 2 Preview [Video]

Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina & Tamar Braxton are back for a all new season of WeTv's number 1 show Braxton Family Values. The soulful singing sisters left us hanging with tons of information we all wanted to come to a conclusion on season 1's finale regarding Trina's DUI, relationship with Gabe, Towanda's decision on filing for divorce from Andre, Traci whether or not she will be in the spotlight as a singing Braxton again, Toni and her move to Los Angeles and whether or not she'll be doing the Braxton's album as a whole, not just a feature, Ms. Evelyn and her search for a new man, also if she forgave her daughters father and then finally Tamar who is trying hardly to step out of Toni's shadow singing background and start her solo career

Season 2 looks like it is going to be another hit in the world of celeb-reality. From the looks of the previews, we see some drama between Ms. Evelyn and Tamar. I wonder what that could have been about, maybe Tamar's all about me attitude she's played out to be. We see Trina in a graduation uniform which maybe her graduation from her DUI classes she had to partake. Toni and Tamar sprawl out into a heated argument. Towanda and Andre sit down for a chat which could clearly mean thinking of way to mend their broken marriage?. So much is going on in this season 2 preview that you'll just have to see for yourself. This show is absolutely my favorite guilty pleasure. I mean you can't help but to love the BRAXTONS and nope they aren't the KARDASHIANS. Ms. Evelyn will correct you if you dare try to compare!

Season 2 of Braxton Family Values premieres November 10th 9p/8c

Funny or Die: Take Back The Perv with La La Anthony [Video]

Well, isn't it time we see women become equal to men in the perverted world? According to LaLa Anthony, she thinks guys have taken the title of becoming a perv for way too long. In this Funny Or Die skit, LaLa holds a rally to females stating they no longer shall let men be the only ones who shall be named pervs, peeping toms, etc. LaLa is taking a stand for all women saying so can they become nasty, sexual, horny creeps too. This video is way too funny, I mean although it's a skit you would think LaLa is really fighting for women's perverted rights. The funny part about this video is the lady holding a sign that reads "Show Me Your Penis!" lol that's comedy! Check the video after the jump. 

Check Out My 'About Me'

I'm so excited to tell you guys that I have a professional website. Well, it's not technically a website, it's basically an About Me page. It's just a web venture page where you can post a little biography about you or your company. Therefore, you can also add direct links where people can see your work, or get to know you a little better. Some links include a person's FaceBook, Myspace, YouTube, Tumblr, Blogger or Twitter pages. I hope you guys love the introductory I wrote about myself. I love signing up for new websites and being able to connect to you all with just one click at a time ;-). Check it out, if you have an About Me page let me know what it is and i'll check yours out too.

Wednesday: Caption It

Caption This!

August 23, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The best way to go simple in cooking is by making he easiest dish. A treat to our taste buds is a good ol' fashioned Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I practically love the warm taste of cheese and a toasted bread melted together. Growing up, I loved how my mother used to make me Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with my instant spaghetti meal. This is such a hearty meal that you can make anytime, anywhere. This delicious Tasty Tuesday dish is given to us from the website All Recipes. We thank them a lot for bringing back the good ol' sandwich which we drowned with our milk or juice. Check out the recipe after the jump, Bon' Appetite! 

: Break.Back.Break.SORRY!

No, I wasn't this busy (shown in the picture above). There has been a huge gap though on my blog. Last week, I pretty much was busy. Last Tuesday, I hit the Beyonce concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, then that following Wednesday, I helped my best friend and her mom move into a new new home, that basically took the whole day, that Thursday I had a final exam and Friday I took that day to rest my body and mind. As you all know, I don't blog on the weekends unless it's something important lol. 

I just want to say  I know i'm famous for the frequent intervals of breaks and coming back lol. Thanks for sticking with me and don't worry, I'm not quitting the blogosphere NEVER! I love blogging and sharing what I like/know with you all. When I do take time away from my blog, it's either me thinking of new ways to get creative with my blog or I really have a line of events to attend to. Remember i'm still young, I have to have a life too lol. Thanks again for sticking with me through everything. 

Natalie Nunn ; that good weave!

I thought I was the only Natalie Nunn Stan FAN, but it seems one of my good girlfriends and her friend adores Natalie just as well. My friend Tammy and her friend Bonnie decided to do a video reel complementing Ms. Nunn on her extravagant choice of good weave do's, along with the annoyance of guys being perverted creeps in the clubs, with a little bit of informing to some young girls who wear their edges out and front laces that look tow up from the flo' up! The video put together is very cute, I love the editing and these girls have informed me they will be doing a weekly video; so stay tuned :-)

(My Friend Tammy Is The One With The Cute Bang & Bonnie Is The Pretty Doll With Cute Pigtails)

August 15, 2011

Does The Way Someone Dresses Determines Whether They Are Or Not Relationship Worthy?

A great topic came across my mind today and I just knew I had to take this to my blog. I want to know, does the way someone dresses (guy or girl) determine whether they are relationship worthy or not? Think about it before answering the question. As a matter of fact, read what happened today and then you can decide. It all started today in my history class...

August 12, 2011

Throwback Friday - Jay-Z "Ain't No Nigga"

In honor of Jay-Z and Kanye West's successful no promo/ad on their number 1 album 'Watch The Throne' it would only be right to bless today's Throwback Friday with Jay-Z's first debut single "Ain't No Nigga" off his platinum first album 'Reasonable Doubt'. Looking back, damn Jay-Z was young! I'm a hardcore Jay-Z fan, I practically grew up to him in my household and 'Reasonable Doubt' had some of the best 90s songs featuring great rap artists such as the late great Notorious B.I.G., Foxy Brown and Queen of Hip-Hop & RnB Mary J. Blige. If you don't have either 'Reasonable Doubt' or 'Watch The Throne' then I don't know what the hell is wrong with your brain!!! 

Check out "Ain't No Nigga" 

A Shy Kim Kardashian?

Is it true that this soon to be bride to be gets shy in front of a room full of 150 people? The answer to that is yes. On the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that premieres this Sunday at 10 on E! The Kardashian clan par-take in a business meeting with Sears to open up an affordable line, but it's just not that easy, the room full of Sears executives of 150 sit with the girls in a boardroom for a Q&A. When a question comes Kim's way, the reality star and entrepreneur freezes up leaving crickets to make the only sound in the room. Kim can always be thankful she has her sisters Kourtney and Khloe to back her up in these situations. Thanks to E! they have posted the clip online as a teaser for this upcoming episode. 

August 11, 2011

Beyonce: Live In Glastonbury 2011 [Video]

Did you miss Beyonce's June Glastonbury 2011 Concert? Well, thanks to fan goers of Beyonce such as Tyagoeanahi, Tyagoeanahi was nice enough to put the full concert video on YouTube. Check out Beyonce perform some of her greatest hits such as "Crazy In Love", "Baby Boy", "Naughty Girl" as well as chart toppers like "Sweet Dreams (Beautiful Nightmare)", "Why Don't You Love Me", "Single Ladies" and songs off of her new platinum album '4' such as "Best Thing I Never Had", "Run The World (Girls)", "End Of Time" and "1+1", plus many more. To watch the full concert check after the jump. What's your favorite song Beyonce performed in Glastonbury

August 10, 2011

Beyonce 4 Intimate Nights: Will I See You There?

Today was rush in time frenzy. I almost thought I wasn't going to get my Beyonce 4 Intimate Nights In NYC Roseland Ballroom tickets. Thank GOD I got my tickets and I am going to see Beyonce perform her platinum album '4' in New York City,  August 16th @ 8PM.  My question is WILL I SEE YOU THERE? 

Forever 21: Camera Graphic Bag

Seriously, this bag is to die for! I must own it. It's so metro-sexual and on the go plain jane. I've been eyeing this bag for a minute now on Forever 21's website.I love just the fact how it has a graphic photo of an old school camera on it. I love taking pictures so this is a must for me to have right?. This "Camera Graphic Bag" runs online for just $21.90 very affordable! I was hoping to maybe get it as a gift from someone lol. No really, how cute is this man purse(bag) whatever you wish to call it? Wouldn't it be nice if someone like YOU could purchase it for me :-) ? How bout yes! 

AD: Kardashians Take Sears

This photo shot by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, of the Kardashian sisters is by far my favorite group photo of them all. Kourtney, Khloe and Kim look superly stunning! This is a promo ad for their new
collection that will be available at SEARS. The dolls will sell anything you can think of on their SEARS called the "Kardashian Kollection". The line stems from what each sister likes individually in style, fabrics, shoes and etc. "Kardashian Kollection" is for sale this coming fall, so be on the look out for their amazing stuff. You can also keep updated with exclusive sales by signing up for their weekly email alerts over at Kardashian Kollection For SEARS website or you can always stop by your local SEARS and get updated by a sales rep.

Wednesday - Caption It

Haha, this mixed photo of Jay-Z and Beyonce at a basketball game just cracks me up. I would like to read what you guys comment on this picture. Just send a picture caption of what you think Jay and Bey are thinking, saying or reacting towards what's going on? :-) 1.2..3...

August 9, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Low-Fat Scalloped Potatoes

How delicious does this bowl look? I'm a big potato lover, especially when the skin is peeled to its finest. Although potatoes are filled with a high starch, I have found the perfect low-fat potato dish. This recipe comes from no other than the Food Network Channel's website and the given dish name is "Low-Fat Scalloped Potatoes". Sounds yummy from start to finish. This recipe gives a 6-8 serving amount, so eat wisely lol. I haven't tried this dish yet, but the flavored salt that appears on top of the potatoes looks very yummy, reminds me of the Honey BBQ Chips for some reason. Anywho, if you get a chance to make this potato meal, let me know how it tastes. Continue after the jump for the recipe and link. Bon' Appetite'! 

Does Your Favorite Celebs Follow You On Twitter?

I'm such a dork for this post, but I have to say celebrities on Twitter have been the best way to stay connected with them. I have replied to many of my favorite celebrities and some of them have replied back also giving me a follow. I'm so shocked because usually I wouldn't expect for a celebrity to follow me back. I would often tweet something to a friend and mention a celebrity in my tweet. Surprisingly, that celebrity who I tweeted will either reply back or follow me. I just wanted to give a shout out post to the four top celebrities who follow me on Twitter. The celebs starting in order are: 

August 8, 2011

Do You Add And Follow Based On Physical Looks?

I have a question, how many people add/follow people on FaceBook or Twitter based on their appearance? What I mean is if the person guy/girl looks attractive to you, you send them a friend request on Facebook or you follow them on Twitter? Lol, this has been on my mind for a minute. How do you go about adding people? :-) Also Follow Me On Twitter @LaTroyWatson 

The Most Anticipated Wedding...

Beyonce Performs '4' For 4 Intimate Nights In NYC

Would you like to spend 4 nights in New York City with Beyonce? I know I do! In honor of Beyonce's platinum successful album '4', King Bey is giving her fans 4 intimate nights of her via concert. Beyonce will perform every song off her album '4' for a standing audience at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City from the 14th-19th excluding the 15th and 17th. If you didn't understand that Beyonce will be performing:

Date --- Location --- Venue
August 14 --- New York City --- Roseland Ballroom
August 16 --- New York City --- Roseland Ballroom
August 18 --- New York City ---- Roseland Ballroom
August 19 --- New York City --- Roseland Ballroom

Who would miss this spectacular concert?! I'm guessing nobody. And a chance to hear and see Beyonce sing all of her songs off her album '4', this is something you can't miss! Tickets for the event go on pre-sale August 10th @ Noon EST and Ticket sales to the public are August 10th @ 1PM EST on Ticketmaster.     
Will I See You There?!

New Music: Jay-Z & Kanye West 'Watch the throne'

Surprisingly, Jay-Z and Kanye West have beaten the many attempts to try to keep their dual co-op album 'Watch The Throne' from being leaked until its release date which is today. The two greatest rappers of all time, in my book have released their co-op album via iTUNES today and then on August 10th the album will be available for purchase in stores where records are sold. In my opinion no other rap artists dynamic is as great as the power of Jay-Z and Kanye West, lyrically and artistically. These two artists are one in a million in each of their own environment. I downloaded my copy via iTUNES when it was released at exactly 12 A.M. eastern time. I must say on both iTUNES versions of the album which are the Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition, their hit single "Otis" isn't on the either.I'm hoping maybe the song will be attached to the hard copy of the album when it hits stores.[UPDATE: "Otis" is now available on both versions of the album] I downloaded the deluxe edition; the more the merrier. 

'Watch The Throne' deluxe edition is impacted with 16 songs including features from the incredible Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Mr. Hudson and the impeccable Curtis Mayfield. I haven't listened to the whole album yet, i'm only on song number 5, but I can already tell this album will be one of the greatest dual rap albums in history. This isn't your ordinary rap album, it has its own genre and sound. I see big numbers for this album. I'm still shocked at how they got passed not having the album leak! Whatever they did, they must put upon the instructions to all of these artists in the industry that get hurt by the leaks often. I mean, Jay-Z's always and will be my favorite rapper. I have to support him and I hope you all do too LEGALLY lol. Kanye's flow is ridiculous and on this album HE WENT OFF!!! 

Do You Have The Album? What Do You Think Of The Duo? 

August 2, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Asian Rice Salad With Shrimp

Today's Tasty Tuesday meal is something from the other side of the world. The continent of Asia to be exact. We all love the Asian culture food. I know i'm in love with their different types of salads and dressings. It's rare though for some of us to actually give our taste buds some of the real deep Asian cultured foods. Reason being, we are all so into the fast food Chinese/Japanese restaurants. Asian food is surprisingly authentic and delicious. I say surprisingly due to the fact we hear all these stories of the Asians who eat and kill animals we're not used to eating; same goes for the vegetables and other farmed crops. This is why i'm making today's Tasty Tuesday meal "Asian Rice Salad With Shrimp". Something to give our taste buds a different real rich taste. Who doesn't love a good rice and shrimp dish? :-).

August 1, 2011

Numbers Are Intimidating!

I've come to a conclusion to whereas NUMBERS are in fact INTIMIDATING. It is very intimidating to females and some males. Females tend to have it the worse because of their measurements. When women buy clothes  or dresses, some of their articles of clothing don't only come in set sizes such as Small, Medium, or Large. Their sizes are usually numbers from 1 digit to 2 digits. I'm beginning to think the reason is because females bodies are more curved and shaped than of men.

Is Apple Not Selling Regular Mac Notebooks Anymore?

So did Apple discontinue selling Mac Notebooks? I hope not. I was recently on Apple's website and I seen under MacBooks, the regular NoteBook laptop wasn't available for purchase. They only had the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops to sell. I'm really not a fan of the sleek MacBook Air look, it's ridiculously too thin. I just want to know, are they discontinuing Mac Notebooks or just holding it off for a while? If you know anything please let me know. I really would like to know the BIG difference between the MacBook Air and the Mac Notebook. If you know anything please give me a heads up.

I'm A Poland Spring Stan!

I don't know about you, but when it comes to bottled water I pretty much like to stick to two brands and that is Poland Spring and Aquafina. Okay, primarily it will be Poland Spring. I don't know about the others, i'm very iffy. I know all water is the same, but it's all about where the water is coming from. I can tell the difference from fast food water to natural water. It may sound silly, but there are waters out there on the market to sell due to an appealing look, rather than giving a fresh regular look. Poland Spring is always what my family buys when they go out food shopping. Aquafina, is a water that will be second choice spur the moment. Both waters actually are purified and come from great lake streams. I love the rich taste in Poland Spring, but I find that Aquafina bottles contains their coldness a lot longer than Poland Spring. I find it funny how picky I am when it comes to choosing my water, especially during this hot summer. Am I the only one?