September 29, 2011

Movie Trailer - We Bought A Zoo

Okay, my family didn't buy a Zoo, but someone else's did. Oh'calm down haha, We Bought A Zoo is a new movie starring Matt Damon, who plays a single father of two who decides to brighten his kids lives by relocating to the countryside shockingly renovating and re-opening a struggling Zoo. This movie I believe is going to end up with an Oscar nomiation. Who doesn't love Zoo animals? No, besides that the concept of the movie is so compelling and beautiful. Check out the trailer. This movie is set to hit theaters December 23rd.
Who's taking me to see it?

Favorite Got To Have - Adidas Flip-Flop

Need I say anything more? No! These flip flops are so comfortable and everything inbetween. You usually would see athletes wear them but uhm they are a epidemic for college students. If you don't have a pair, I suggest you own a pair! Do you love these flip flops? How often do you wear them? Adidas you are the best!

Thursday Movie - Blank Check

When you talk about throwback movies, you can't forget about the movie that wanted to make us rich the moment we watched it. The movie i'm taking you back to is Blank Check, which stars Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, James Rebhorn and plenty other big names. The movie came out in 1994, I was 5 years old. Off the top of my head without researching to find a summary of the movie, all I can remember is that it was about a young boy who recieves a blank check and fills it in with the biggest amount possible and gets it cashed. The kid, Preston then buys all these extravagant things and he is the happiest boy alive, until he has two hit man out after him because the check actually belonged to someone pretty important. That's about what I remember, but this movie made me want to become a millionaire. Check the trailer below. I wished they would show this movie on cable, if not then i'm bound to get the dvd. 

How many of you remember this movie?

Glee's Heather Morris...Beyonce Backup Dancer?!

Yes! It's true our favorite Cheerio Cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) and GLEE Club Member was a fomer backup dancer for the incredible entertainer Beyonce. I was shocked too, but this was way before GLEE became the number one FOX show in the world. Last season, Heather played an amazing Britney Spears look a like for GLEE's Britney Spears Tribute Episode. I mean no wonder where she got all her dancing ability from, Beyonce. No, just kidding, Heather has been dancing and performing almost her entire life. Heather Morris began dancing for Beyonce during Beyonce's second world tour The Beyonce Experience back in 2007 till the end of 2008. Heather was also asked again by Beyonce if she would tour with her again for her third album I Am ...Sasha Fierce which led onto the I Am...Tour. Heather respectfully declined Beyonce's offer in order to pursue other oppourtunities in the industry. Along, came GLEE

Continue after the jump to check out Heather's interview video with Tim O'Shei turning down Beyonce's offer. Heather is aboslutely my favorite on the show and I'm still shocked I didn't know this information :-). How hot is her body though? It's to die for and the doll has moves for decades!

September 28, 2011

Hairstylist - Nidiyah Salahuddin

An old friend of mine told me about this young beautiful African-American hairstylist by the name of Nidiyah Salahuddin. I've never done a blog post where I introduced to you all a hairstylist, but I must say this young diva has it going on. Her work is so professional and beautiful. It's great to see young African-American women not only depending on their pretty looks to become (the worst epidemic of our time) a "MODEL". Nidiyah is using her good looks to perform them on another person, WHY NOT?! If it's easy for her, why not put her skills on someone else to make their lives a little bit easy.

Tokyo Standing At Attention

Tokyo woke up to the sounds of construction workers outside my house. Tokyo has to be the cutest dog ever, why is she standing so tall at attention haha. 

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23rd Birthday Ideas...

My birthday isn't nowhere near, so you can wipe the sweat off of your foreheads haha. My birthday is January 29th. I've never had a real big birthday party well except as a toddler and little boy, but as a teenager and now adult I never got to experience a real fun birthday to remember like most people do. I'm BORING and PLAIN, but the funny thing is that is not my personality WHAT SO EVER! So why haven't I really threw myself an extravagant party or passed out somewhere to where the next day I didn't remember anything...the answer is...I...Don't...Know.

Wednesday - Caption It

Caption It!
(Three Men And A Waterfall)

Lyrics Of The Day - Demi Lovato "Skyscraper"

Have you ever taken the time out to actually read the lyrics to your favorite song? Not with the music, just reading the lyrics and understanding what is being sung alone. I think by doing so, you will gain more respect for the song and feel a connection with the artist more than ever. Some may already do so while some have that gift to comprehend while listening to the song. I, on the other hand, I love reading the lyrics and line by line interpret what is being said.

My favorite song right now is Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper" off of her new album Unbroken. The song is doing so great that it just went GOLD. "Skyscraper" is certified GOLD!!! If you kept up with the downfall of Demi Lovato, then you'll understand why the song is having the success it deserves. "Skyscraper" is a raw emotional song talking about people taking everything away from you BUT your self-confidence in the end standing tall; not being able to break. The lyrics are so powerful. Written by Kerli Koiv, Lindy Robbins and Toby Gad. Read the lyrics and interpret on your own what the song means to you.

Adele - Someone Like You (Cover)

So as usual, I like to post videos of myself doing cover songs of my favorite songs from my favorite artists. One day I was really feeling like Adele and decided to cover her latest single "Someone Like You". This is a nice ballad song I thought i'd touch on. I uploaded one video via FaceBook and later (days/weeks later) on YouTube. Check both videos out, let me know what you think. Don't forget to Follow Me On Twitter @LaTroyWatson Add Me On FaceBook LaTroy Watson and on YouTube RichKidBobby !  

September 27, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Lentil Soup

So today i'm feeling a bit under the weather, I don't like it one bit. But what other way to take care of a slight cold no other than eating a bowl of good soup. I'm such a magnet for soup, I can just eat about any kind, as long as it has some spice to it. I love my soup spicy and not my regular meals, funny right? I would hear from people saying Lentile Soup was the best soup they've ever had. You know what they say about a good soup right? Good soup cures the soul. Well, I will be one of those peple who will try it. So without further adu, I present you today's Tasty Tuesday Lentil Soup. Thanks To The Food Network Online!

The Skorpion Show - X-Factor, Facebook, Is Dating More Than One Person Ok? & Random Fun Moments!

As promised like always here is the latest episode of The Skorpion Show. In this video Kevin and Makael talk about everything from X-Factor USA, FaceBook, Is Dating More Than One Person Okay?, Kevin's 27th Birthday Details and The Usual Funny Random Outburts. By this time you should have become subscribed to their YouTube channel, Liked their videos, became a Friend on FaceBook and even a Follower on Twitter. These two I love dearly and they make my day. I'm going to need the two of them not to record just two days a week, it's not enough for ME!!!!! :-) Enjoy this video and also if you are interested in getting your POSTIVIE projects advertised don't be afriend to email Kevin and your 60 second promo will be on the next Skorpion Show before the episode starts.

Shampoo, What's The Difference Between Men & Women?

Okay is this some advertising psychology technique to get our money or what? I recently was taking a shower and proceeded to wash my hair, when I actually was reading the SUAVE men's shampoo details. Seriously, it does all the same functions as the female shampoos. Basically, in fact all of the same ingredients just a different scent. Now, I use any and all types of shampoo with conditioner included; hair is hair right?! Okay, I know there are different types of shampoo's for different textures of hair, but seriously a division between men and women? What's going on here? What's the difference besides the scent? I'm not just saying it'sjust the SUAVE brand, it's actually ALL. Maybe I need to google the answer before anything. I truly think its a psychology tactic to get us to spend money on the unneccessary. What do you think, did you really think about the issue? A part 2 of this blog post will soon be posted.

Shoe Dazzle

I don't know why I blogged baout this a long time ago. About three or four years ago, Kim Kardashian launced this amazing website called Shoe Dazzle. The mission of Shoe Dazzle is to supply every woman, young to elderly with the most fabulous high fashionable desigener shoe for a monthly low cost. Before you begin shopping for your favorite shoe, accessory and hand bags, you will go through a survey that detects what you're style is. Shoe Dazzle's site is generated by three personal stylist and Kim Kardashian herself whom will help you decide what shoe best fits your style. The cost for a pair of shoes is only $39 per month. You pay only after you select your first pair, memebership includes one pair of shoes per month. If you want to walk the streets like a celebrity and pay way less than what designer shoes really cost then I suggest you sign up for Shoe Dazzle. The shoes are to die for! What you waiting for?, get your dazzle on :-)!
Twiter: @ShoeDazzle
Twitter: @KimKardashian

September 26, 2011

New Music - Alicia Keys "A Place Of My Own"

This past weekend must have been a stress relief due to her family whom I say her husband Swizz Beats, being in th headlines for "allegedly" cheating on his wife Alicia Keys. This weekend was to get out of the drama and become mentally ready to give the world what we've been waiting for ever since the birth of her baby. I HEART RADIO threw a music festival featuring some of the biggest names in music's industry including Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys performed along side with rapper Jay-Z for their number one duet "Empire State of Mind" which has become New York's official story telling anthem.

Alicia then went on to telling the crowd she was about to perform her new single "A Place Of My Own". The has a beautiful sound to it along with the lyrics. Alicia always tends to keep the bar rising each album she puts out. The name for the album hasn't been revealed yet nor did a release date drop. I can't wait for this album to come out. Listen to the track after the jump and let me know what you think.

Patti LaHelle Presents: Got 2B Real

This whole summer I have been obsessing over creative and funny YouTube shows.One show I came across is a Diva Variety Show entitled Got 2B Real. This show features all of your favorite divas in one reality show. The divas you may ask who; well they are Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Chaka Khan, Fantasia, Diana Ross and last but not least MOTHER Beyonce. There are three episodes so far all which are recently uploaded. In this variety show, you will see everything from jealousy, bickering, cattiness, double teaming, reactions to certain entertainment events, drama and all. This show is so funny.

However, what makes these videos so creative is that the creator @PattiLahelle uses past and recent interviews of each diva and does the voice overs for each segment. It's very brilliant and a thought out process; difficult if you ask me. Remember these are just PARODY videos, in no way shape or form to hurt the real artists in the industry, just something to poke fun at. I wish the show was actually on TV because I would be tuned into it every week. I'll post episode 1 below and if you're interested for more the other two episodes will be posted after the jump along with contact information. Enjoy!

"Guess Who's Coming To [Patti's] Dinner"

(Episode 1)

FaceBook Charging???

So this past weekend I've seen a lot of FaceBook statues about FaceBook beginning to charge for its social networking usage. However, this case is totally false. No, I don't work for FaceBook nor do I know Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of FaceBook). Using my common sense and reading skills I can assure you that FaceBook doesn't intend on charging for its free services. Why do people believe the dumb bull crap on FaceBook anyway?! I bet if it was something important like "Oh' An Outerspace Satellite Is Going To Land On Earth Any Second" you all wouldn't believe it or call me crazy. But this recent message:

New Music: Eniyyah "For The Record"

Remember back in July when I posted about New Jersey's next up and coming superstar Eniyyah Purvis? Well if you don't remember who she is then I suggest you click Introducing Eniyyah Purvis. Ever since her remix to Lil' Wayne's "How To Love", Eniyyah has been in the studio working on some new music. "For The Record" is Eniyyah's first official track an untitled EP scheduled to come out early next year. "For The Record" has this futuristic uptempo sound that is completely out of this world. The song is produced by Damar "Dutch" Beckett @SuperProducerdb and Eniyyah's vocals on this track go hard. With the lyric "now I'm on the run, out the web that you spun" clearly tells you this isn't just some boo who heartbreak song. "For The Record" may be the new empowerment song for females who are through with the bullSHIT their guy is putting them through. I mean hey, Eniyyah's not crying over a guy, she's basically giving her dude the TWO FINGERS.

Should My Friend Cristin Go For Modeling?

I was talking to one of my friends the other night on FaceBook about how I feel h should get into the modeling world. The reason why I told him he should get into modeling, well is the fact that he loves taking pics of himself and posts them on FaceBook. The pictures aren't bad neither. Cristin, that's his name, basically told me he doesn't know because he is too chilled to be a model. Well, I think explained that's what modeling is, a chilled environment and great for photogenic guys. Cris is a very chilled back quiet type of guy but he also has humor and model like qualities to me. The most interesting part about this story is when I told him he should be a catalog model for sneakers. 

September 24, 2011

The Skorpion Show - Makael Meets Beyonce Again, Troy Davis Executed, & Suicide

An all new episode of The Skorpion Show has just been uploaded to YouTube. This video is going down as one of the greatest videos of The Skorpion Show. In this video Makael talks about his meeting with Beyonce at  the PULSE meet and greet at Macy's in New York City. I'm always in full ecstatic mode when Makael meets Beyonce. This is like Makael's 10th time meeting Beyonce haha. I really believe Makael is apart of King Bey's camp. In the video you will hear how it all went down. Also, Kevin and Makael touch on the topic of the Georgia trial of Troy Davis, if you're not familiar with the story then I suggest you google it or do your research on CNN. I'm sure the two will keep you up to date on his recent execution that supposedly an "innocent" move. Last but not least in this video you will come across the topic of the recent suicidal act performed by a young homosexual boy due to intense bullying. Take a look at the video, enjoy!

September 23, 2011

Friday Dinner - Little Caesars Pizza

So today is a gloomy Friday and what better way to end all Fridays by ordering out right?! Well, I recently for the first time had Little Caesars Pizza and it was so authentically delicious. I mean the cheese just melts right into your taste buds. The best part about Little Caesars is that they aren't expensive at all. A large pizza is only $5, Yes! $5! Amazing right?! Better yet, they have all the toppings you can ever ask for. If you have a Little Caesars in your area, then I suggest you order from them tonight. So delicious, I hope I can get like a yearly pass from them :-) ! Have you ever had Little Caesars? How do you like it?


Okay, so clearly i'm not the go to person when it comes to make up, but I know the perfect person you can go to. My friend Whitley started a blog where it's just all about the fashion and art of makeup. Of course, you can pick up some tips and the best products to you use. What I love about Whitley's blog is the name she used and how it ties in with the whole makeup aspect GlossPills. Makeup is a GLOSS appearance and we use PILLS to make us feel better. The two go hand in hand with each other because throughout the world in our everyday lives there are thousands or millions of people who apply makeup on their face as if they  need it everyday like an addicting pill.

Whitley, is a smart young fabulous New York gal and she will give you multiple orgasms on her GlossPills blog. I would like for you to check it out, if you're interested in makeup or if you're in that stage where you want to start experimenting with makeup then I suggest you look at some tid bit tips from GlossPills. Trust me you will find everything you need to know on this blog. Check It Out :-) !


Contact & Blog
FaceBook: Whitley Jeter
Twitter: @GlossPills
Blog: GlossPills

Throwback Friday - Nelly Feat. P. Diddy & Murphy Lee "Shake Ya Tailfeather"

I will never forget the rapper trio that made my summer. Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee came out with the smash single "Shake Ya Tailfeather" for the BAD BOYS II soundtrack. Can we say three of the juiciest men in the game. The song came out in June 2003 and you couldn't tell me anything. I was shaking junk like no other haha. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a duo or group. I haven't heard this song in a minute and I decided to bring it out of the retirement vault. I introduce to you today's Throwback Friday - Nelly Feat. P. Diddy and Murphy Lee "Shake Ya Tailfeather". Enjoy!

September 22, 2011

Public Bathroom Cleanliness

Okay, usually some public bathrooms aren't this clean. When you do enter a public bathroom how cautious are you? Do you know what you're about to enter? Do you know one single touch off the wall can get you sick faster than walking in a blizzard without a coat? Well, I always in someway try not to touch anything in public restrooms. I'm always using tissue to either close the doors turn the knobs on the faucet and use my foot to flush the toilet.

I want to know what do you guys do though when you're finished using the bathroom, wash your hands and then dry them, only leaving you to wonder how will you open that door?! I mean this is why I always carry around anti-bacterial hand wipes or hand sanitizer. I just want to know what do you do to leave the bathroom? Is it always a strategy for you?
Let Me Know!!!

New Music - Rihanna "We Found Love"

With a week of fans rushing to unlock Rihanna missions, the 3rd mission out of 13 has been unlocked. Rihanna, today unlocked the 3rd mission which is her new debut single "We Found Love" featuring Calvin Harris. "We Found Love", is a very soft pop track, it reminds me of "Who's That Girl" or this new sound could be the sequel to her platinum selling album LOUD. The song to my ears is soothing. Rihanna always comes hard on her debut singles. I love this song and can't wait for the album. #RihannaNavy keep unlocking all the goodies so we can push this new album out ASAP! :-)! Take a listen:

September 21, 2011

Wednesday - Caption It

(Left To Right: Angela Simmons, Kelly Osbourne, Nicky Hilton, Whitney Port and Holland Roden)
(New York City Fashion Week, September 9th, 2011)

New Music: Broadway Blake "Dope Flow"

Yours and my favorite rapper Broadway Blake is back with a new single off his up and coming new mixtape Broadway Empire. The Newark, NJ native rapper's new single is called "Dope Flow" the song has such a 90s New York City vibe to it. If you aren't familiar with Broadway Blake's music then you really don't know New Jersey talent. I'm a big fan of Blake's mixtapes where he hops on other artists's songs and remixes them by adding his own verse; PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. I don't know how he does it though I tried to write a verse on someone's song but I'm stuck clueless. Check out "Dope Flow" below:

Download Link [Click Here]

The Skorpion Show - Ray J & Fabolous Beef, Basketball Wives LA,& Troy Davis Denied Clemency

In case you missed it, Kevin and Makael of The Skorpion Show released their latest episode last night on YouTube. In this video the two talk about the recent singer/actor Ray J and rapper Fabolous feud, VH1's Basketball Wives LA Edition and the denied clemency for Georgia native Troy Davis. This video isn't full of too many topics, but they are elaborated well for your knowledge. Also in the video there are the funny crazy random outbursts, Kevin's heart to heart segment and of course you will hear Makael reciting his favorite line "I DON'T LIVE HERE!". Watch the video and enjoy, remember to Thumbs Up and Like the video! Check the video after the jump.

September 20, 2011

Fashion: House of Dereon International Collection, London

Fashion entreprenuer duo Tina and Beyonce Knowles officially launched their clothing line House of Dereon in London at Selfridges this past Saturday 9/17/11. The extravagant international collection was performed via runway to showcase the autum-winter and holiday collections. This stunning collection was only for the US, but beings how amazing and beautiful the designs were, the mother daughter duo decided to take the collection overseas for all to wear. Check out exclusive footage of the fashion show below:

Tasty Tuesday: Pappardelle With Corn

Looks very good, you all know i'm big on pasta!!! I've never tried it yet, but before the year is over I will definitly cook this up. The dish is called Pappardelle With Corn. Thanks to the Food Network Online for this delicious meal. Check the recipe after the jump. Bon' Appetite!

Black & White Luxury Vintage Room Theme

Just thought i'd share with you one of the ideas I have in mind for my dream apartment.Yes, I said apartment, I plan on renting when I get older or maybe owning. I was inspired by the modern room designs on last nights NBC new show The Playboy Club. I'm very in love with modern furniture and how the room were so simple but yet extravagant. I like this room for some reason, it screams PLAYBOY CLUB to me; well a penthouse type of feel. What do you think?


My friend and New Jersey's DJ Shy is celebrating his 22nd birthday and it is going to be the party of the year! Come celebrate DJ Shy's birthday with good people and good music. Don't come ghetto though, this party is absolutley a classy movie event. Even better, DJ Shy and Hot97's own DJ Wallah will be spinning on the 1s and 2s. Tell a friend to bring a friend and lets party like it's 1989!!!! No, that was the year he was born so we might as well party like we're welcoming his birth! It's going to get CRAY!

You're Invited To:
DJ Shy's Birthday Bash
When: October 6, 2011
Where: Casey O'Tooles
Time: 9:30 PM - Until You Pass Out!
Address: 862 Hamburg Tpke Wayne, NJ 07470
18 To Party 21 To Drink
Ladies Free With College ID Before 10:30 PM

September 19, 2011

Vote For Rob Kardashian On Dancing With The Stars

Another Kardashian is now a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. The ffirst Kardashian to try to take the ballroom trophy was his older sister Kim Kardashian, but was booted out of the competition just 2 weeks after her premiere. Rob Kardashian is partnered up with the beauitful amazing Cheryle Burke and together they form the duo team #CherBert. The 2-hour premiere of Dancing With The Stars starts tonight at 8pm on ABC. I am most definitely team #CherBert and I will be voting for Rob Kardashian throughout his competition. Rob has been working hard hours upon hours to make his mark in the industry not as the Kardashians younger brother but soon to be Dancing With The Stars 2011 Champion. So Vote For Rob Kardashian!!! You can either call in to vote or head over to ABC's website and vote. You can vote up to 12x!!!
Call 1-800-868-3402
Cast Your Vote Online [Click Here]

Tattoos Anyone?

Anybody thought about getting a tattoo lately or know someone who wants a tattoo and just don't know where to go? Well based out in New Jersey, my friend Shawn Holland's cousin does very unique and amazing tattoos. Anything you want you name it and he'll design and tat you up with no problem. The tattoo pics I've seen on FaceBook are really dope! Prices range from $25 and UP, nothing lower than $25, these tats are very thought out and skilled from a licensed professional tattoo artist. Remember tattoo designs are based on your ideas, creations and thoughts if you want something big know you have to kick out a big but reasonable amount. Other than that, you'll be set for life with the tattoo of your dreams. Check out some tattoo designs and pics after the jump. The tattoos i'm telling you are ridiculously dope! Go Get Your Tat!

For More Information You Can Contact Shawn Via The Following: 

Looking Forward To My Fall Shows

Here are the shows this Fall 2011 I am very interested in watching

The Skorpion Show: Rick Perry, Ashanti's New Single, Swizz Beats Cheating + Part 2

As promised, here are the new recent videos of The Skorpion Show from last weeks Thursday night recording. The two talk about a lot in these two videos, YES not one but TWO videos which is included in this blog post. The second part of the video talks about the viral video of a father disciplining his young song in such a horrible manner. Something that shouldn't have been filmed and put on the web for the whole world to see. The first part of the video is regular Kevin and Makael antics, entertainment, news, politics and all. You will love this episode because they get really silly and you can see it in the faces they make. Without further adu, I present to you last Thursday nights videos :-) Enjoy! Remember to subscribe and thumbs up the video!!! 

Oral Sex?!

We call it giving head, carpet munching, dome, sucking dick, eating pussy and etc. The correct term is Oral Sex. There are some people who love to do it more than others and there are some who just don't do it quite as much as other people. I mean isn't Oral Sex just as important as regular sex, whether it's with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife? There are debates and really thought out discussions about Oral Sex, to some it's important and to the rest they can care less or not. I just want to know how important is Oral Sex to you? What are your qualifications, dos and don'ts of it? What happens if your partner is one who doesn't like to give Oral Sex? Let Me Know...

New Video - Monica "Anything (To Find You)" Feat. Rick Ross

The video for Monica's new single "Anything (To Find You)" featuring Rick Ross premiered and I am in love. I don't know if you know but this song sounds so 90s and old school Monica. The video makes Monica look 1000x so good, the face she's giving just gives me chills. Yeah, this new album that's supposed to come out this fall is going to be amazing if the sound is just as "Anything (To Find You)". To be honest, I can do without Rick Ross on the track, but hey his nitty gritty ain't for everybody :-). I can't wait for the album! Check out the video:

What Do You Think About The Video?

The Bill Cunningham Show

Last week I attended a taping of the new daytime talk show "The Bill Cunningham Show". Bill Cunningham is supposed to be the new Maury/Montell. Although during the taping of his show Bill stated "This Show Is Nothing Like Maury and Jerry Springer", well if it's not the two then we don't have to worry about crazy woman running around taking off their bras or confused woman claiming everybody including their cousin is their baby's father. Bill Cunningham however is no rookie to the entertainment media limelight, he had his own radio syndicated show for some years also adding to his belt a law degree, so this man knows exactly what he's getting himself into. However, the tapping I attended was FUN FUN FUN! I think you all will enjoy his show, not only is it his show, but the audience is like his co-host. So much audience interaction going on, I think we (they) ought to get paid. The show premieres today at 1 P.M. on PIX 11. Keep watching everyday until you see me make my Bill Cunningham TV debut! 

For Tickets To A Taping Of His Show: [Click Here]

A Day With Candy In The NYC!

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my new favorite friends, she goes by the name CandySupaThroat but to me she's just my friend Candy. Last Wednesday, Candy was on a daytime talk show "The Bill Cunningham Show" which premieres today on pix11 and Candy invited me to come watch as she was going to be a guest on the show.

Just a little background information on Candy, for those who just assume, Candy is a smart educated young woman with a College Degree who enjoys sex like millions of us do, but beings that she has amazing cerebral skills she decided "HEY, WHY NOT CHARGE FOR IT!". This is exactly what Candy's services are, that's if you have the money, good looking and clean (body odor, groomed properly, HIV- and practices Safe Sex). Oh' Candy has a type and she's very picky! To be honest, hanging with her, I didn't think nothing less than who she was, heck I didn't care what she does for a living, I just know she's one cool ass chick!

New Music: Mary J. Blige "25/8"

I'm a bit late on this post, but it's better to be late than never right?! Well, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has a new single entitled "25/8" off of her upcoming album My Life 2: The Journey Continues. My Life 2 is the continuation of her 1994 album My Life. "25/8" produced by Eric Hudson is a love song which Mary addresses the fact she can't no longer love the life of her live for just 24 hrs. and 7 days, she's basically adding another hour and another day; 25/8. Yeah, I quite don't get it, but hey Mary's at a point in her life now where she is drowned in love, so if she's happy i'm happy. I actually love the song though. Slowly but shortly artists are starting to come back out with the 90s style of music. Take A Listen: 

September 13, 2011

My Favorite Fashion Accessory: Forever 21 Men Necklaces

My favorite accessory that i've been collecting like a pyscho manic has to be the beautiful necklaces Forever 21 has for men. I kid you not, their designs for men are so metro-sexual and can complete any outfit. I have a few in different gold/silver colors; design also. I must say my favorite piece is the Harmonica necklace. It gives me a grungy New York rocker look. My other favorite pieces are the Robot type ones and the Crosses. But overall, you will catch me wearing the Harmonica designed ones. Forever 21 Men has a wide range of wonderful jewelry. Have you checked out their jewelry designs? What are some of your favorites?