October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Goons, Ghosts and Goblins! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. Remember to check your candy, Trick or Treat in the safest areas, be aware of the masked costumers and go out early in the day. Everyone enjoy this day, I can't wait to see the creative trick or treat costumes. I wish I could go out and have fun, but I have rehearsal for a school play and then evening class. My life sucks!!!

Pet Grooming Sometimes Too Much!

I just noticed why does local pet grooming services charge more than brand pet companies such as Petsmart, PetCo. and etc. Seriously, I own a 4 year old female Shih-Tzu and I get charged $50 just for a full groom, $30-$40 for just a wash. I checked prices for PetSmart and a grooming package the most is $21, talk about saving money. The reason why I don't go to PetSmart or PetCo. reason being the distance of how far I am from the nearest one. New Jersey isn't quite travel friendly to these places at the most. I mean whatever, dog grooming shouldn't be so much an d strict on shots, as long as the pet has updated their shots at the beginning of the year, there shouldn't be a problem. What's your take on the situation? Do you come across expensive dog grooming? 

CNN: Mom Learns Of Son's Death On FaceBook

OMG! Seriously, this is crazy. I can't even fathom the thought of finding out one of my family members died via FaceBook. Somebody has to step it up people, step it up! What do you think about the story? 

New Music - Michael Buble "Christmas"

It's not even the Christmas season yet, but this Michael Buble guy just makes me want to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and go right to the Christmas holiday. I love a good Christmas album, in  my opinion nobody beats the Christmas albums the Jackson 5 and Mariah Carey. Michael Buble however has just made the list, his voice on these Christmas classics is incredible. If you are looking for that old soulful unforgettable holiday music then Christmas by Michael Buble is what you need to go grab.

Michael covers classics such as "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas", "White Christmas feat. Shania Twain","Silent Night", "All I Want For Christmas Is You", "Ave Maria","Santa Baby" and many more of your favorite Christmas tunes. Trust me, you'll love this album and you'll love his voice. I don't know but he sounds like Frank Sinatra. This is going to be one of the best holiday album this year. Check him out!


This weekend I was introduced to one of the best music programs ever. It's called Spotify, basically its like iTunes but you're not even downloading a single thing. This music player program has about every album you can name. Just type the artist name, song, or album in the search bar and immediately you will see what you've been looking for. What's cool about this program is that you can sync your itunes library to Spotify and also share your playlist, likes, and rated songs to your social networking sites. To get Spotify, all you have to do is download it and you're done. Say bye bye to illegal downloading and viruses. Spotify is the new way to get connected to your favorite tunes.

October 28, 2011

Throwback Friday - Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love To You"

With all the recent appearances by RnB group Boyz II Men, regarding their newly entitled album Twenty out in stores now, I thought i'd end the week off with one of their throwback songs from the 90s. The slow love ballad "I'll Make Love To You" is one of Boyz II Men's greatest memorable slow jams till this day. Everyone loved the sensual, seductiveness and sexy vibrato's the group produced on this record. Along with the video, it made a remarkable classic video to add to everyone's own music vault. Today, you can hear this song being sung as audition songs, karaoke and at weddings. Boyz II Men is one helluva powerful group that will always be remembered for their significance in RnB music. Today's Throwback Friday video/song is Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love To You".

MTV Real World Casting - New York 10.29.11

This coming Saturday, a friend invited me to come along with her to the MTV The Real World casting. Now, I don't know exactly where at in New York City the casting is held, but I just hope I want to see who else was going to attend this casting. If you're aware of the casting tweet me and let me know you're going or you're in line. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a long wait process, just like any TV show casting there is always a long wait. Hope to see you there and good luck to you all!!! I'll take pictures and video clips while i'm there. Tweet Me @LaTroyWatson

CNN - How Chick-fil-A Was Hatched

Who knew The Dwarf Grill would turn into the $4 billion fast food chain Chick-fil-A? I have never eaten Chick-fil-A in my entire 22 years of living. A lot of my friends tell me how amazing the chicken is and so forth. I have many in my state of New Jersey, passed by them too but still haven't gotten a chance to bite the first chicken sandwich. Yes! The first chicken sandwich, you know it was originated by an 8yr old by the name of Truett Cathy and here is his story...

The Skorpion Show - Beyonce Party Video, Dice Afraid To Come Out, Trust, Prenup Debate & More

Here is the latest episode of The Skorpion Show. Our favorite YouTube bloggers Kevin and Makael, give us good talk in this video full of interesting topics. Topics in this video include Beyonce's recent "Party" music video, LaLa's Full Court Life co-star Dice's emotions towards the public accepting her sexual orientation, Mariah Carey not trusting her husband Nick Cannon...SOMETIMES and more. Remember to Subscribe, Thumbs Up, Comment and Share the video. Let's continue to make The Skorpion Show the number one show on YouTube.

October 27, 2011

Beyonce Set To Release "Live In Roseland" Next month

World entertainer Beyonce Knowles is set to release a 2 disc dvd of her 4 Intimate Nights Concert entitled "Live In Roseland" this November. This past August, Beyonce sold out 4 shows at New York City's legendary ballroom in a matter of 22 seconds; Record Breaking!!! This was the first time Beyonce performed songs off of her newest album 4 which hit platinum. The intimate concert was set up intimately with Beyonce's all female band including a string section. Being one of the 3,500 + fans my bff and I went and had a damn good time!!!

November 21st, you can purchase the regular "Live At Roseland" dvd which just features 26 song live performances. Then on Tuesday, November 29th you can buy "Live At Roseland: The Elements Of 4" deluxe package, a two-disc DVD, with the complete concert, bonus offstage footage, a 20-page booklet and a video anthology of 7 music videos off of the 4 album. Only exclusively at Walmart. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, why not eat and enjoy Beyonce's stellar intimate concert with her closest loving adoring fans. You can pre-order your copy by clicking here. But meanwhile you can enjoy Beyonce's new video "Party" featuring J. Cole over at her website Beyonce Online.

Do You Have Any Questions For Me?...

I always love answering people's questions whether it be about love and relationships, advice, helpful tips, or just about anything. I love QUESTIONS! Here's your chance to ask me ANYTHING! I will answer it here on my blog, it can be about anything and I will answer you as honest as possible. If you wish to remain anonymous please take it you will as your wish. I just love knowing I can help people out there struggling with anything. Here's how you can participate, just send me an email via JadoreLaTroy@Gmail.com, in the subject box type in "A Question For LaTroy" and in the message ask your question with your name if you choose to remain anonymous, write Anon and include the city and state. If you do give your name and you have a blog or website you want people to look at include the link also you can include your Twitter user name if you don't want everything knowing your name :-). I can't wait to read your questions i'm actually excited right now typing this :-). ASK ME ANYTHING!!!


We all love our Run DJ's right? Well Run DJ, DJ SPAZ [or Magician as my bff and myself call him :-)] has decided to hop on the 4th installment of the successful RunNJ.TV RunDJs The Slow Jam Mixtapes. All free for download!!! The mixtape includes new RnB hits such as; Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, The Dream, Mario and more of your favorite artist. Continue after the jump to download the mixtape.

Advice To Those Who Ask...

I have been loving the love you all have given me about my blog, I appreciate you and thank you so much. The one question I seem to get asked is "How Did You Get Your Blog Like That?" Well, i'm going to give you the answer :-).

October 26, 2011

New Music Video - Beyonce Feat. J Cole "Party"

The video for the most anticipated single since the summer has now been released for millions and millions to watch. Beyonce gives us the latest video for her single "Party" the remix version featuring J Cole. If you ask me J Cole definitely gives "Party" that old school Hip-Hop and RnB flow than Andre 3000. The video was shot late this sumemr early August in a New Jersey suburbian trailer park community. As the song states the theme of the music video is a trailer block party. Beyonce looks to die for in the video as well as cameo appearances by Solange and Kelly Rowland. Right now, I don't know which video of mine is my favorite from Beyonce; she's just doing the damn thing! J Cole, sexy as hell! Take a look for yourself:

Wednesday - Caption It

Mariah Carey and 1/2 of #DemBabies

CNN: Homicide in the name of God?

Seriously, this story is so sad and I have no words for the parents. Just how bad is a nine year old to where she is physically abused to death?! I'm going to follow up on this story. What are your thoughts about this story?  

Attractions: Haunted Houses

As you know i'm a horror fanatic, I just love everything that would scare the living shit out of me. Before the month of October is up, I would like to go to a Haunted House that is an attraction or historical landmark. I've been told about some that are in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The only one I know about is Blood Manor which is located in the downtown area of New York City. That one by far is the scariest one ever, I haven't been but looking at the videos and reading reviews of the haunted house just makes me want to piss my pants.  I mean it's a haunted house in New York, why wouldn't they make it extremely horrifying?! So i'm asking you all, do you know any good scary haunted houses that I could go to in New Jersey? Have you ever been to any? What do you recommend?

WWE Favorite Memories [Video]

Many of you probably don't know this, but I used to be one of the biggest World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans way back in the day even when it was originally called World Wrestling Federation (WWF). I probably stopped watching it in 2008 a year after I graduated High School. I think I got bored with it due to all these new wrestlers coming in the business and the old legends either went on to acting or just threw in the towel. I'm not here to write a long informative blog post about my obsession with wrestling, but I do have many favorite clips that I remember. Just to let you know my favorite wrestlers are Shawn Michaels and Triple H. DX Baby!!! Here are some of my favorite WWE clips:
(Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Vs. Trish Stratus)

October 25, 2011


To keep it going with the Halloween spooky goonsly holiday, I've found some amazing mouth-watering Halloween foods that chef Rachael Ray has on her website. This chicken version of a beef sloppy joe on a mini hamburger bun looks absolutely stomach teasing.Who didn't love sloppy joe as a kid growing up? I know I did!!! I don't even know how to make it now to save my own life. Rachael Ray calls this creative dish Devilish Sloppy Chicken Mini Sammies, cute right? Rachael Ray always knows how to throw down in the kitchen and as you can see especially during festive holidays. Mmm, I can't wait to try this, maybe we'll have a Halloween dinner at my house and guess what?! All of you are invited! Sike Nah! That was funny, but no you can come by if you want a dish. Without further adu, I bring to you from Rachael Ray's Halloween Central recipes Devilish Sloppy Chicken Mini Sammies

The Skorpion Show: Kim Kardashian & Tyler Perry, Dem Babies On 20/20, Rihanna Using

Here is this weeks new episode of The Skorpion Show featuring our favorite hosts Kevin Simmons and Makael Mclendon and guess what?! Shut the rumor mill DOWN! The dynamic duo aren't beefing at all and there will be more Skorpion Shows to last us a lifetime :-). But that doesn't mean you can continue to jump around and watch the video...You know the routine, Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share this video. Thank you, now enjoy!

My Daily Face Wash Regime

Some of you have complimented me on how beautiful my face has been looking lately. Thank you to those for your beautiful gestures, but it's not so easy keeping a beautiful face. As I mentioned before, I have very oily skin, which I hate to the max. At times, my face would become excessively greasy and my nose would shine like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. To sum this up, I do a simple regime that's not hard for anyone to do, it's just having to add it in your daily schedule now; an extra step. Thanks to the products of Clean & Clear and also Nivea for Men, I've been controlling my glossy face for months now. Here's what I do...

Run Hundred: October's Top 10 Workout Songs

I was recently emailed by one of my viewers who informed me one of my blog posts that stood out to him was the top 10 workout songs. Chris Lawhorn, who operates RunHundred (a blog/website about workout songs and workout routines) and also writes some music articles for magazines such as Marie Clair and Men's Journal, generously suggested with his knowledge on great workout songs he would provide me with the top 10 workout songs of the month. Without hesitation I emailed him back accepting his offer. I mean we all dread working out, but it's something about music that gets our hearts pumping and motivates us to work hours in the gym or at home. Thank You Chris for being a big help! Without further adu, here are the Top 10 Workout Songs of October 2011. Continue after the jump on how you can stay connected to Chris Lawhorn.

October 24, 2011

Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse [Trailer Video]

Tyler Perry just keeps on banking on top of banking. Tyler Perry's new dramedy (drama-comedy) series For Better or Worse will air November 25th on TBS. The shows leading cast is our favorite on-screen married couple Marcus and Angela played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith; who both appeared in Perry's box office hits "Why Did I Get Married" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?". The new show will follow the married couple as they go through marriage counseling as well as Tasha's crazy yelling accusations at Marcus, Marcus's lying, baby mama drama and the couples crazy go to friends for advice.

This show has everything you need and more. We all know the relationship between Marcus and Angela, so you know this show is going to be one crazy hell of a ride. You can watch the trailer below, at first I thought it was a new movie, but the production camera Tyler Perry must be using is a great transitional phase from Movie to TV. Anyway, we can't wait until the show premieres! Take a look:

Chrystian - Thinking About You (Frank Ocean Cover)

Don't we all love us some Chrystian? Here he is singing a cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You". The funny thing is, this is the second cover I heard of the song and I haven't heard the original song yet! Hearing these covers makes me not want to go back but move forward with hearing more covers, but Chrystian's version is my favorite so far. Check it out! 

Best Breakfast Sandwich .... Big-N-Toasty

This is by far the best breakfast, lunch and dinner sandwich ever made by Dunkin Donuts!!! I mean, no arguments included in this subject! Bacon, Eggs, and Cheese on a buttery Texas Toast is just so freaking mouth watering to me. If you never had one of these sandwiches then I don't know what you think breakfast consists of. I'm obsessed with these sandwiches, maybe for Christmas someone should get me a yearly Dunkin Donuts gift certificate :-)! #JustSaying

Are You Down With The #TeamDanAndre Movement?! I Am!

My friend Daniel aka Dan or Danny from Jersey, is one hell of a creative artist. No! not paintings, but graphic designing, his designs are sick!!! I knew he made apparel items such as shirts and hats, with his line of #TeamDanAndre tagged all over but to add to his latest edition...BUTTONS! How cool is that?! The best accessory for any outfit is a Button. You can never go wrong, even Napoleon Dynamite is jealous of Dan. I really like how Dan took his everyday quotes and turned them into something fun and creative. Usually, people would claim their quotes and go about their day, but Dan is making them known to the public. 

Each button has it's own saying and design, I love the cartoon pic he has of himself having a big curly fro! You can purchase (yes, not everything is free) these buttons from Dan himself, you can find him mostly at work but he's a full-time student at Bloomfield College in Jersey and always involved in the nightlife events going on. Buttons are $2 each which isn't that bad for what dopeness you're about to rock on your everyday outfit. I support the #TeamDanAndre movement and so should YOU! Check out more #TeamDanAndre buttons after the jump also his contact info will be listed if interested. 

DJ Shy, DeeJay Sick and BlueMagicGrind Take Over Your Sunday Afternoons!

Interested in New Jersey's on fire DJ's DJ Shy and DeeJay Sick but can't never seem to make it to any of the parties they DJ at? Well, now's your oppurtunity to listen in to the ARO PRO SHOW on Streetz106  106.5FM every Sunday afternoon from 12pm-3pm to hear Run NJ's DJ's mix it up on Streetz 106; New Jersey's #1 Online Radio and even with the host of the show BlueMagicGrind. It's a Sunday, you're not doing nothing any better, so why not turn on your computer, log on to Streetz106 and hear your favorite jams being spun by the hottest DJs from Jersey w/ exclusive topics and advice from BlueMagicGrind. Thanks to them, our Sunday's just got better! For more information follow them on Twitter:

DJ Shy - @TheRealDJShy
DeeJay Sick - @DeeJaySick

Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge

This weekend was a long one for me, I also feel like there's not enough hours on Saturday and Sundays. Saturday night, I refused to stay in the house so I went out. I haven't gone out to a club/lounge since the summer, around the last two weeks of July. I know it seems like forever! I got word that my friend DJ Shy was going to DJ at this local Sports Bar and Lounge around my way. 

Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge is the name of the place and it's literally around the corner from where I live. Oh' I did go by myself which turned out to be not so bad, I enjoyed the 21+ crowd and a party never goes wrong when you have DJ Shy and the RUN NJ team in the booth. Sometimes you don't always have to go out with a group of people to have a good time. Fun is what you make it and that's exactly what I had by myself. I can't wait to go back, maybe this time with a friend or two though. Make sure you also come out to Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge located at 586 Raritan Rd. Roselle, New Jersey (908) 245-4455.

Do you ever go places by yourself? How do you feel about going out with a group of people? What is the good and bad about it? 

October 19, 2011

New Video - Rihanna "We Found Love"

Wow, I absolutely love this video. This is my favorite Rihanna video of all time. To me this is how a music video looked back in the 90s, when music was so real and alive. I love the art, treatment, style, and story this music video included. Rihanna looks so gorgeous in all the scene shots, as well as her blonde eye candy love interest. I'm really anticipating Rihanna's new album due next month entitled Talk That Talk. Director Melina did an awesome job with this video despite the controversy between the Irish farm land owner and the crew members. "WE FOUND LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE" What did you think of the video? 

Wednesday: Caption It


New Video - Beyonce "Love On Top"

I may be a little late but who cares it's Beyonce, her name will keep going around the world even when it stops. Beyonce earlier this week premiered the video for her VMA hit performance song "Love On Top" for the Aussies down-under. The video starts off with Beyonce and her background dancers in a dance studio lined up like some of your favorite boy bands such as; The Temptations, New Edition, New Kids On The Block and other remarkable groups of the past. Beyonce traded in her heels for some groovy sneaks and to add a rockstar outfit to sing in. Later in the video Beyonce turns glam as always and puts on a stellar ending to the video.

The video is beyond cute and you can't help but to sing along to "Love On Top" like you're in Church that is. "Love On Top" music video by far has hit my top 5 favorite Beyonce videos, i'm just mad she skipped out on the 2nd verse, but whatever the ending did me justice. Go Bey! 

The Skorpion Show: Kevin's Birthday Party, McDonald's Fight, Amber Cole, Jackie Christie Is Crazy

The Skorpion Show is back this week with an all new episode which was aired late last night, but as always in cased you missed it, I'm bringing you news and entertainment the Skorpion way. Unfortunately, Kevin will be doing The Skorpion Show solo this week, our favorite co-host Makael won't be back until next week. We all can't wait for his return, but we still have crazy Kevin to keep us entertained. This episode talks about Kevin's up coming Birthday Party, a recent fight at a McDonald's in New York City, the Amber Cole fiasco, Basketball Wives star crazy Jackie Christie plus many more. Subscribe to the channel, Watch the video, Like the video, Comment the video and also Share the video, all in that order. Enjoy!!!

Unsigned Artist: Young Twain

For those who are into listening to unsigned artists such as singers, rappers, bands etc., YouTube is the place to go. For years now, YouTube has been a platform for undiscovered acts to get discovered in various ways. Those who are dedicated in their craft and work promote themselves on YouTube to gain an audience who will enjoy what they create. As for me, I've seen some amazing talent on YouTube, but it is usually when I type in a certain song and i'm directed to the links of unsigned talent who cover the songs I enjoy. Never sleep on those YouTube users who share their videos in your inbox; I have never payed any attention to those videos until now.

13 Nights Of Halloween

Our third favorite time of the fall year has arrived, ABC Family's 13 Nights Of Halloween starts tonight. Every year ABC Family finds themselves getting into the Halloween festivities by playing shows and movies that  intertwine with something spooky, scary, or cute and spooky. I really don't watch the show's they have now on the network, so i'll be tuning in for the movies. My favorite 13 Nights Of Halloween movie is the trilogy of Halloween Town. That movie just does it for me and my October fest. How do you guys bring in the Halloween festivities? I'm a horror fanatic so I must get my Halloween fix on every year. You can look at the 13 Nights Of Halloween show scheduling by clicking here. Enjoy your 13 horrifying nights everyone! 

[Schedule Provided By Oct31st.Org]

October 18, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Warm Mixed Berry Crumb Cake

I love the cake crumbs especially with a fruit mixed in. I believe you get to taste the flavor of both the cake and fruit like no other as it becomes an orgasmn to the taste buds. This tasty dessert is brought to us by new mom Tori Spelling from her web/blogsite ediTORIal by Tori Spelling. I love the dishes she puts on her website, they become so creative and she makes them look easy to make. Has anyone ever had Warm Mixed Berry Crumb Cake before? Check the recipe after the jump...

October 17, 2011


No not Michael Jordan TV, but Mike Johnson TV. A friend of mine since way back when has been playing basketball since he could dribble it. Mike is a young 21 year old from New Jersey whose basketball skills are sick, espeically his dunks. Playing on basketball teams throughout his schooling, Mike Johnson has known to become competition on the courts. This kid has fire in his sneaks, he's just unstoppable. Along, with being a great athlete, Mike has his own video editing production, hence the name MJ TV, which he records various things such as his friends freestyling, candid family moments, slam dunks and video game challanges. Mike Johnson is very entertaining, I frequently catch his videos on YouTube and find myself overall amazed how dedicated he is in his work with technology and on the court. I just thought i'd post some videos so you can see what I see.

Absol Clothing Website Revamped

Designer Altaron Brown just revamped his successful apparel line ABSOL DESIGNS website. I don't know if you remember but a while back I blogged about Altaron's dope new line of graphic sweatshirts and shirts. If you're not familiar with Absol Designs then you can click here. I love the new revamped site, the site is more active and easy to get around, also just like shopping at a regular store, Altaron now gives you the option to shop online while listening to some music. I suggest you take a look at the site and start shopping. His pieces of clothing are dope and you'd love the graphics on each shirt. Support ABSOL DESIGNS.

October 14, 2011

Throwback Friday - Coolio Featuring L.V. "Gangster's Paradise"

Back in 1995, when I was 6 years old, I used to be afraid to watch a certain video because of the beat and how the guy was rapping. Yes! Coolio used to scare the living organs out of me. Although, the movie Dangerous Minds, was one of my favorite movies to watch, every time the song "Gangster's Paradise" came on at the end, I immediately froze shaking in my boots. The music video to the song was just so dark and haunting. I feel embarrassed to even tell you all about my fear of this video. I thought it would go along with the upcoming Halloween festivities if I posted a music video that related to something horrifying or scary. Well, now I know Coolio is one cool ass rapper and this song....puhleze I can watch the music video 10x a day! Here is today's Throwback Friday video "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio, Enjoy!

October 13, 2011

The Skorpion Show - Wendy Williams Discuss Beyonce's Baby Bump, Kelly Rowland A Copycat? & More

We all know the routine, Like The Video, Thumbs Up The Video, and Subscribe To The Skorpion Show. This video gets very intense. Great topics and view points from both Kevin and Makael. What do you think about Wendy Williams and her messiness? Who should be blamed for the coping of another artists' work in a music video, the director or the artist themself? Do you think Beyonce is faking her pregnancy? Let me know.

New Video: Kelly Rowland Feat. Big Sean "Lay It On Me"

Yesterday, Kelly Rowland dropped the video to her second single "Lay It On Me" feat. Big Sean off her latest album Here I Am. Can we say let's look at the eye candy in the video?! OMG! Kelly knows how to choose guys for her videos. Big Sean was also looking like the cat's meow in the video. The video is very sexy and seductive, I didn't expect anything big from the video, but this is just right. Kelly really looks beautiful on camera and this video definitely shows it. Kelly has some killer legs! I die for them! Check out the video after the jump.

Life Guru: Deepak Chopra

Those who feel like giving up on life, stress a lot, always have anexity attacks, stay sick, and etc., the go to person to cure all your pain is Deepak Chopra. Deepak Chopra is a life coach, inspirational speaker, author of many books, spiritual and overal the go to person for all your problems. Deepka Chopra has helped a lot of people in the world to make them feel better about themselves and make life much easy for them. He has also been in the news and on tv shows being refrenced by some of your favorite celebrities, atheletes, journalists and even presidents.

I remember going through a period in my life where I couldn't sleep at night, I kept thinking about my problems and worries until I decided to go on Deepak Chopra's website and look up my problem and after I read how to deal with my problems on his website, that was the last time I ever went to bed with stress on my mind. I mean this man's words and wisdom is unbelieveable, it's like he's knows the cure and answer for everything. Also, anything you are having problems with, you can look up on his website and the cure and answer is just right in front of your eyes. This man is brilliant. I really love Deepak Chopra. Check out his website and also follow him on Twitter.

Website: Deepak Chopra
Twitter: @DeepakChopra

Best School Notebook - Five Star Flex NoteBinder

Can I declare that i'm the coolest kid on campus? I swear the best notebook to have while being a collge student is the Five Star Flex NoteBinder. This NoteBinder (a notebook/binder in one) has made my back so much better. In college, you are forced to buy tons of heavy text books and then plus a notebook for each class that you have, all of this book carrying can really become a strain in your back. But thanks to Mead, they have created a light weight binder where you can include all your subjects into one. This is different from the regular binders though, it's very light weight, no matter how much you fill your NoteBinder, it will always feel light and free. It usually runs for about $10 - $16, it's a great investment you basically can re-use over and over. I suggest students with a heavy class schedule and a lot of text books buy the NoteBinder. GOTTA LOVE MINE!

Read Between The Lines

The new family sitcom on BET entitled Read Between The Lines, has become one of my favorite fall shows. Being a fan of Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Traci Ellis Ross, I knew I would love this show the first second I watched it. This show is funny, sweet, and the story lines are going to be great. I've been hearing people say this is the new black Cosby's but this show is far from the Cosby's, it's more like My Wife and Kids but the whole cast are comedic. BET has really been producing very great shows, I hope this show will stick around for the long run. Have you checked out the show? It comes on Tuesday nights at 10PM on BET.

October 12, 2011

Wednesday: Caption It - Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West Go Shopping


The Sims 3 - Pets

They're Back!!! The ongoing success of the hit virtual life game The Sims is back with an all new adventure, the follow up to The Sims 2 Pets. The Sims 3 Pets is the newest edition to the multitude of Sims expansion pack games. This time the pets edition includes more pets even rare breeds, more neighborhoods and much better interaction between the pets and humans Sims. The release of The Sims 3 Pets for console is set to come out October 18th. I can't wait to get my hands on those Sims and start playing with life :-). What makes this even better is you can now play on your Xbox-Kinect!!! 

The Sims 4: Real Life [Video]

Bachelorette Party Gone Wild?!

How funny is this parody of The Sims games? I died literally laughing late last night. These two actually had The Sims characters down pack, from when they're objects in their walkway, from the way how they eat, when they have conversations with each other and the funniest when they have to use the bathroom real bad. Still till this day, I don't know what language these Sims speak. Sounds like all the languages built into one; so diverse. Are you a fan of The Sims games? 

Battle Showdown Of Celebrity Hosts

Chelsea Handler

Battle Showdown Of Celebrity Bloggers

Perez Hilton

October 11, 2011

Breast Cancer Bake Sale Cookies

How cute are these Breast Cancer cookies my BFF Britany baked? Rutgers Newark had a bake sale in honor of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Britany has the creative eye in everything, she takes her time whenever it comes to baking or just anything arts and craft. They look so yummy, I hope she saved some for me. Great job, Brit & Kimmi! SAVE THE BOOBIES!

Follow Britany On Twitter : @KissMyKicks_