November 30, 2011

CNN: Ivanka "Donald Trump Should Be President"

As the next Celebrity Apprentice season approaches you will see heavy promotion from Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump. However, on a promo tour Ivanka Trump sat with HLN's Showbiz Tonight to discuss the new season of Celebrity Apprentice and how she believes her father Donald Trump would make a great Presidential Candidate.

Hmm...Donald Trump is a good business money making man, but can he run a whole country? I don't know about that one Ivanka. He's smart but that's only when it comes to making money. Running a country isn't just based on money or is it? I'd like to know how you would feel if Donald Trump began to run for President

Boots With Ankle Socks Is Not Good!!!

I learned my lesson once and for all yesterday. I recently just purchased a pair of Dr. Marten boots and decided to wear them yesterday with a skinny jean, Hollister shirt and a blazer over it. Now usually when I wear skinny jeans, I like to wear ankle socks with them because of the fact my calves are too thick and my jeans can't roll up when I go to put on regular socks. The Dr. Marten boots are made from leather and the inside is a regular rubbish texture. However, this was the biggest mistake I've ever done in footwear history!!!

 I guess you can tell my ankle was chaffing against the inside part of the boot as I walked, which I was in excruciating pain!!! The pain hurt so bad I was actually walking like I had something stuck up my ass lol. Now my ankles are so sore and scabby, I'm afraid to even put jeans on or socks to say the least. Has this ever happened to you? 

November 29, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Next Day Turkey Soup

Still have leftover Thanksgiving Turkey that you dread throwing away? Well, Food Network Online has been gratefully delightful to recycle that old turkey and make a whole new dish with it. That's right, don't throw that leftover turkey in the garbage make some soup. Besides, it lessens the stress decision on what to make for tonight's dinner. We all love a nice broth soup, so why not mix some turkey meat with a few of your favorite veggies and create a warmthy meal. You can also dish the soup with crackers or a dinner roll. Make the best out of nothing by creating something brand new. Today's Tasty Tuesday meal is Next Day Turkey Soup and by clicking after the jump you can get the ingredients and prepartion steps. Bon' Appetite!

Beyonce on 20/20

This Friday, you can catch 20/20's Katie Couric as she interviews world recording superstar Beyonce. The two have a one night interveiw at New York City's prestiguous Roseland Ballroom. Which happens to be the concert venue Beyonce sold out in 22seconds this past summer for her '4 Intimate Nights at The Roseland Ballroom'. The two talk about Beyonce's current album 4, pregnancy, marriage, career, and what's in store next for her future. I think this is the first US television interview after she surprised the world about her pregnancy back at the August 2011 MTV VMAs. This is one night you wouldn't want to miss for the world. It all goes down this Friday, December 2nd at 10pm. Check the trailer below.

Electronic Monopoly?!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I was introduced to the most ridiculous game ever. Monopoly has always been one of my favorite board games since I was a little kid. I was content with the regular rules, pieces, property and money of the game. My 15 year old brother introduced me to Monopoly Electronic Banking. Can I say this was the stupidest version ever. I was furiated when I read the rules and regulations. I was more upset on how the money level got fancy and went up to the millions. I have some words for Milton Bradley.

Operation Jessica Klask On The Ellen Show

I think this pretty young lady by the name of Jessica Klask should be invited to The Ellen Show as a guest. Jessica whom i've known for some years now, is the biggest Ellen Degeneres fan out there, maybe in this universe. Yesterday, Jessica went on a campaign via Twitter to get Ellen Degeneres to notice her and ivnite her on the show. It was so cute the campaign even had it's own hashtag entitled #ellensbiggestfan.

Jessica's personality so cute and quirky she would also make the best co-host on the show. I can see the two of them making daytime tv a mega hit!!! So everyone help out my dear friend Jessica and lets get Ellen Degeneres have her on the show. Here's what you can do.

1. Tweet Ellen Degeneres (@TheEllenShow)
2. Include The Hashtag #EllensBiggestFan
3. Add Jessica's Twitter Name @Jessie_Kay
4. Write A Nice Little Message Telling Ellen, Jessica Needs To Be On The Show

The Skorpion Show: My Tram Experience, Rihanna & Mary J. Blige, Atlanta Housewives & More

Back from recuperation of Kevin's 27th birthday weekend and the Thanksgiving holiday, Kevin and Makael who form The Skorpion Show delight us with a new video. This video brings the funny and crazy antics of our two favorite YouTube hosts. Topics include Kevin's Tram Experience, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, The Housewives of Atlanta and more. If this is your first time viewing The Skorpion Show, please do the following; Subscribe, Like/Thumbs Up The Video, Comment and Share The Video. You can also follow the two on Twitter and keep update with the boys via FaceBook. Check the video after the jump.

November 28, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Charlie Brown Christmas decorations and inflatables around town also in the stores. I think it's becoming very popular. I would tell you what our Christmas theme is this year, but you'll have to wait until we finish our tree and outside decorations :-). For now, just see how many Charlie Brown Christmases can you spot. Have you seen the growth of Charlie Brown since the Christmas holiday started? 

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Comes To Life!!!

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved the Peanuts gang, Charlie Brown and his friendly pet dog Snoopy. My mother always turned to the television show when I was little and it would keep my entertained for hours. I mean when it wasn't on I was talking the Peanuts gang. What's so funny about Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang is that I reminded everyone of Charlie's best friend Linus because Linus would always walk around with a little blanket and that's how I was with this favorite comfortable green blanket I used to own. We were inseparable! Okay, I don't know where I'm going with that little tid bit of information but on to more exciting news about Charlie Brown...

How Was Your Thanksgiving Holiday?

Sorry I didn't post on Thanksgiving wishing you all a Happy Holiday. I was really into the family holiday and was so anxious to eat like a pig :-). My Thanksgiving this year was small and simple, it was just the people in my house which included my mother, step-father and my little brother, oh' you can't forget little Tokyo too. The guest list might have been small, but the menu was full, we had turkey, ham, baked macaroni and cheese, baked ziti, white rice, gravy, collard greens, potato salad, dinner rolls, stuffing and candied yams. I know i'm missing other foods, but this is all I can remember on my plate. I love Thanksgiving when it's with a small family, you get to enjoy it better and it really becomes memorable. I love my family! Tell me about your Gobble Gobble Day :-)

CNN: 3 dead related to Craigslist ad for work

CNN reports 3 men who were shot and killed due a Craigslist job posting. Scary huh? I thought Craigslist was a terror for those just searching for hook ups, but when actually you're not even safe to look for a job. Everyone if you come across a job listing on Craigslist and it seems a bit strange or shakey don't be afraid to ask questions do not visit the person who posted the job opportunity alone or at the premises of their home; always meet in public!

November 26, 2011

New Music: Beyonce "Party Ga Ga Ga" (DJ Shy RunDJs Mix)

What More Can I Say?! If the RunDJs are going H-A-M tonight then the boys ain't stopping them! RunDJ's own DJ Shy has also released a Beyonce blend but this time using her top charting single "Party" feat. Andre 3000. Another fire track, now to get Beyonce, Jay-Z and Andre 3000 to hear it. Think we could do it? WHY NOT?! Listen to "Party Ga Ga Ga" by DJ Shy

Follow DJ Shy For More Exclusive Blends: 

New Music: Beyonce "Countdown" (DJ Spaz RunDJs Remix)

RunDJs own DJ Spaz just created a mastermind over 90s hit "Can't You See" by Total feat. The Notorious B.I.G. but included Beyonce's "Countdown" vocals to give it a much better feel good song. I mean the artists today are trying to re-create the 90s sounds it's time for the greatest DJ's to show their 90s talents!!! This track is FIRE and DJ Spaz couldn't have picked a better artist to re-create this classic 90s RnB beat! Listen to the track, download, state your thoughts and follow the RunDJs movement!!! *POOF* 

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November 25, 2011

Throwback Friday - Destiny's Child "No, No, No"

Let's go back to 1997 when the best selling girl group of all time conquered the world. Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett and Beyonce Knowles were Destiny's Child. Their first single entitled "No, No, No" came out that year which set off their career in so many ways. Though people may be familiar with the upbeat version of the song produced by Wyclef Jean of the Fugees, but before the fast paced video the girls actually did a slow version music video. I actually love the slow version than the fast :-). Let's take a look back on how Destiny's Child grabbed our attention. Today's Throwback Friday video is Destiny's Child with "No, No, No".

"Oh Baby" Beyonce Is 6 Months

"Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby" is what you can hear Beyonce screaming in the beginning of the video as she addresses the "BABY BUMP" saga on tabloids on the set of her music video for "Countdown". September 23rd. Check out the video after the jump...

November 23, 2011

Wednesday: Caption It

(Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton stills from his new music video "Love and War" directed by Hype Williams)

One More Day Until Gobble Gobble Day :-)

The big Gobble Gobble Day is one nearing within a few more hours. Being the nosey person I am, I would like to know where is everyone spending their Thanksgiving? Are you having it at your house? What foods and deserts will be made? What's your favorite dish? What do you wear? and What movies do you watch as a family? Oh' one more thing....can I come over and will you save me a plate? LOL. Seriously!!!

Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashian

Along with her New York Time's Best Selling Authors trio Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Mama Kardashian just released a book of her own too. Kris Jenner's first memoir Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashian, tells her story of being a little girl growing up having to work hard for her family, dealing with separation from her father, being stylish, family values, marriage, divorce, death, raising a family of 10 and Momager, all while being a full-time MOTHER

"Dollhouse" by Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are back again this time with a second round as New York Time's Best Selling Authors. Due to the success of their first book Kardashian Konfidential which storied the how the girls became who they are, family values, fashion tips and don'ts, personal stories no one's ever heard plus many more, the girls felt it was just right to give fans another book but this time making it a novel. 

Congrats To Rob Kardashian!!!

I just want to congratulate Rob Kardashian on his long hard working season on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Rob made it to the Final 3 Finalists with his partner Cheryl Burke, unfortunately Rob didn't win the disco ball trophy but in my eyes he already won the season when he first got on the dance floor. Rob was a pure natural on the dance floor, who knew the kid with the booty could move and shake? LOL. It is now clear Rob Kardashian is the dancer of the family, time to step it up Kimmie your younger brother beat you way by a land slide. Thought you didn't like losing? lol j/k! Go ROB!!!!! 

Webcam Fun With Shawna :-)

Last Friday, my lovely beautiful friend Shawna stopped by to have some girl time and talk boys, sex and many more. We took tons of pictures on my webcam and recorded ourselves singing Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Secretly she doesn't listen to Beyonce that much, but by the end of that night I guarantee you when she got home she put Beyonce on full bast thanks to me lol. It's always fun when hanging out with people you really love and enjoy. I love you Shawna, Let's do this again please!!!!! 

Check out our pictures...

November 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Parker House Rolls

For those who are a complete Thanksgiving side dish person, here is the ultimate dish you can not forget before the big holiday dig in. The side dish I love to have is a nice buttery roll that will give my taste buds a tease before the actual meal. Years before I usually brought bread rolls and I would butter them up and pop them into the oven for a golden crisp look. Now, I would love to learn how to bake the bread by scratch. I should have told you about this recipe like weeks in advance prior to Thanksgiving, but it only takes 3 hours out of the day to bake. 

Well if you don't have the time on Gobble Gobble Day, I suggest you bake it the day before. Today's Tasty Tuesday meal is my favorite Thanksgiving side dish that comes from The Food Network Online and it is "Parker House Rolls". Looking at the picture above just makes me want to eat the whole roll now! Continue after the jump for the ingredients and prepping instructions. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Be Safe And Enjoy!!! 

Showing School Spirit, Union County College OWLS!!!!

Just a few short hours ago I showed my school spirit by attending my school's basketball game. Union County College vs. Middlesex County College, however our team lost by 8 with a score of 76 -84 (correct me if i'm wrong) but the game was very close. Even though I attend a community college, I have no shame in my game with supporting the school and showing school spirit. I believe everyone should show their respects to whatever school they are at and just participate in any which way you can. I actually enjoy college basketball, it's easy for me to follow and the excitement from the players and crowd just gives me a complete rush. Great Job On The Court Owls!!!! We'll Get Em' Next Time! Do you attend any of your school's games? Let me know how crucial they get!

PC Tech - Antwon Christian

I just recently found out one of my friends Antwon Christian, has his own self made business fixing pcs. Which includes virus cleaning, building pcs, minor pc repairs and much more. Instead of going to Best Buy's "Geek Squad" or any other community pc repair store that'll cost you hundreds, I highly recommend you give Antwon a call. He really knows his way around the computer hard drive and software. Antwon is well trained and has been working on pcs since his early high school years. PCs are something that should be dealt with a professional and you shouldn't do it on your own. Hit up Antwon and tell him that I reccommended you to him, who knows maybe you'll get a discount ;-)!!! PS he's not that expensive at ALL!!! For more info continue after the jump.

I'm Back!!!

Okay everyone I'm back!!! I know you've missed me and i'm very sorry I haven't been blogging for about two weeks! Just to sum everything up, two weeks ago I was heavily involved in my school's production play which I was promoting, I also had tons of school work to catch up on and I needed a break to gather thoughts and decide the next steps I would be taking my blog in. Thanks for being patient and not blowing my email up :-). I love those btw!!! Well i'm back, and now you have interesting stories to hear from me. What have you been up to? Let me know. 

November 9, 2011

Wednesday: Caption It

Apparently this is the 20 year old woman who claims Justin Bieber is her baby's daddy... *side eye* Mariah Yeater, has a "emotional breakdown" moment during an interview segment. She's creepy to me! 

CNN: Woman hides stolen fur in undies

I've heard stories of shoplifting, but nothing beats my ears after hearing this ladies story...WHOA!!! *wandering eyes* ...A MINK THOUGH?!!! 

Steph Jones: HERBALIFE Nutrition Program

Have you ever wondered why you worked out a lot, ate less and never seen any results? Well, maybe you're not getting the right nutrition you need to see your results. Everyone's tricked out to thinking in order to lose weight you have to eat less and workout excessively; that's just not the healthy way to gain results. When you're working out, you are losing the important nutrients your body needs in order to stay active, live longer and basically look fit.

You might think well to become healthy and fit, it requires A LOT of MONEY. Well....YOU ARE WRONG!!! I have a friend who knows this amazing nutrition program called HERBALIFE that will not only help you lose weight quicker but also at the same time give you a much better and healthier life.


This fall, I'm very infatuated with pullover sweaters. I love how casual and chill they look on a person. You can basically dress it with anything. They look cute with a cute skinny jean and a nice pair of kicks. So far I own around 4 to 5 pullovers. I don't know why they are called pullovers, but I'm used to calling them sweaters ;-). The ones with graphic features to them pop out more. I hate plain ALOT!!! Give me something that makes a statement. It can just be a big square on the front and i'll be happy. Pullover's are comfortable and inexpensive. I usually purchase mine from Forever21 Men or hand me downs, yeah the old 90s pullover sweaters are the BEST!!! This is my fall favorite article of clothing. What's yours right now? 

November 7, 2011

Let's Talk Entertainment W/ LaTroy on UCCR 88.1 FM

After months of trying to find a time and date, I got my own radio show!!! Yup! I will have my own radio show on Union County College Radio UCCR. I will be talking about everything!!! All of me in a 2-hour show. I couldn't be more than happy right now in my life! You will hear me play my favorite songs that's out, listen to me talk celebrities, movies, music, give advice and much more.

From time to time, I will bring in special guests to chat with me. This show will be full of fun and laughs and something you can enjoy on your Friday afternoons whether it be you driving home from work, school, or just bored in the house. You can tune in every Friday afternoon from 4PM-6PM on your favorite college radio UCCR 88.1 FM. Starting this Friday, November 11th, I'm so excited! Will you listen in?

For More Information Please Click Here

WOWL Presents UCC's 10/10 Minute Plays

I've always wanted to be an actor and here is my first chance. You guys, I've signed up along with 6 other people to perform 10-10minute plays for my school's (Union County College) theater production. Out of the 10 plays I will be playing in 5. These 5 roles are very big roles, so I have a lot of rehearsing to do. I would appreciate it, you all would come out to support me and my other cast mates. This is my first acting experience and I am over ecstatic about the opportunity. Here is a little more background about the plays after the jump...

Tyrese "Open Invitation"

I totally forgot model turned Hollywood actor Tyrese added singing to his resume. The sexy chocolate brutha whom ladies all call their Jody (hence Baby Boy movie) has released his 4th solo album entitled Open Invitation. It's been so long since we heard music from Tyrese. The last album he had was in 2006 and that was for his album Alter Ego. The lead single for Open Invitation is people's favorite "Stay" the video  features Academy Award Nominee Taraji P. Henson who plays his love interest. Steamy and beautiful video shall I add. 

I didn't take Tyrese and his new project too serious, but after seeing him perform "Stay" on The Wendy Williams Show, I was taken by surprise. Once the show ended, I downloaded the album on iTunes. No matter how times are changing in the music industry, you can always count on Tyrese to keep real RnB music forever and ever. This album is absolutely one of his bests. Over the weekend, he was receiving Twitter responses saying the album wasn't on shelves at many of the popular stores that sells records. Despite that drama, Tyrese was all cheers and joy when he found out his album went #1 throughout the country. If you don't see the album in stores where your located, don't trip just buy the album on iTunes which features an additional two songs. Great Job Tyrese! I Love It! 

CNN: Surfer almost swallowed by a whale

Talk about a big appetite. Over the weekend a female surfer in Santa Cruz, California, found herself in the middle of a humpback whale lunch date. Check out the video. 

November 2, 2011

Wednesday - Caption It

RnB songstress Olivia snapped kissing rapper Maino 0_0! 

New Music - Enfamous "Work My Body"

It's almost been about a year since we heard from RnB singer/songwriter Enfamous, where has he been? where is the music? Well one thing is for sure, just to keep us on our feet for a big, Enfamous is releasing the video for his new song "Work My Body". Hence the title of the song, we all have that one individual that we want to work our bodies to the MAX!!! Don't cry because this isn't the only song you will hear from Enfamous, he assured me that he is in fact working on new music so be on the look out for it!!! Enfamous is about to take us by storm!!! Meanwhile, check out the video for "Work My Body" after the jump. 

Top 10 Workout Songs Of November

As promised every month I will be giving you the Top 10 Workout songs of the month. We all need a little change in our daily workout routine, so why not start with the music right? Thanks to our friend Chris Lawhorn from Run Hundred (the world's most popular website for workout songs) for giving us the most voted songs to workout to. This month you can hear tunes from Kelly Clarkson, Flo Rida, and Enrique Iglesias. A lot of fast uptempo hits on this month's list so feel free to change your workout playlist to a Run Hundred playlist :-)! Here's the list:

The Skorpion Show - Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce, Makael's Church & Kelly Quits X-Factor UK?

Here is the latest episode of The Skorpion Show, here our favorite boys talk the biggest headlines this week in entertainment such as; Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce, Kelly Rowland quitting as a X-Factor UK judge and many more. Remember to Subscribe, Watch, Like, Comment and Share this video. Tell a friend to tell a friend about The Skorpion Show. They are world wide known!!!

CNN: Perry goes 'loosey goosey'

Is he really running for president???.... Hey I mean, it's getting him some good publicity though, for those who don't know who he is. Anything for more votes right? Hey, Rick Perry, can you sell Honka Trucks with that enthusiasm? 

November 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - PB and Cocoa Krispies Sandwich

Yummy! What perfect meal goes right to start off the brown month of November? Duh...Peanut Butter and Cocoa Krispies sandwiches, brought to you by Tori Spelling. Gotta love a good home made sammich :-)!

CNN: Dr. Drew's take on Kardashian divorce

I'm not a celebrity blogger or gossiper but being a valid Kardashian fan, I must speak out and say how I feel. It's none of my business, yes I know that but I feel embarrassed for Kim Kardashian. Not so much Kris Humphries, like Khloe stated on Kim's wedding specail, she felt like Kris was an oportunist and I feel the say exact way. I don't know if the wedding was a hoax or not, but millions was spent on this lavish marraige we all thought was going to last forever. In just 72 days, the couple is divorcing from each other. It's embarrassing on Kim's behalf, because now she gave the media more leadway to throw how much of a "fame whore" she's allegedly turned out to be. I love Kim with all my heart and she knows I do via our short dialouge back in 2008 at 106 & Park.

 I dislike the bad talk on about Kim, when some of you people don't even know what's going on, you're just reading headlines and assuming. Read between the lines people, put two and two together sometimes. Kim Kardashian, yes is a fool in love; she loves to deep for no reason. This is a lesson learned for the young buisness mogul. Kim has history of being married and it didn't last for a few months. I just feel this is a very embarrassing time for her, it's like who is going to take her serious now or trust her? I'm definitely putting the blame on Kim right now because she knows better and her sisters i'm pretty sure gave their true insight that we didn't see on TV. Kim hunny, everything that glitters isn't gold hunny. I love you and may you come out of this situation with your head held high. Take your time, love will always be there, you can't hurry love. It's the game of give and take!

LaTroy Watson