January 3, 2012

Fashion Catastrophe: Men's Sweater w/ Shawl Collar

Now I love men's sweaters, hoodies and cardigans, but the pieces with the shawl collar is a Fashion NO NO. I'm no Rachel Zoe or Christian Dior but I know what looks good and what doesn't appeal to me. I feel like collars belong on shirts not sweaters, unless you're doing the sweater/collard shirt ensemble then that's an exception. I really don't like the thick look to the neck and shoulders, especially on guys who are really broad and muscular even the lean and athletic guys. It just doesn't fit in, it looks like an old grandpa's top just sitting in the rocking chair. If you want to keep your neck and shoulders extra warm, why not wear a scarf? Isn't that what it's for besides making a fashion statement? I'm not too fond of the sweater shawl collar combination...ehhh what do you think?