January 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The bravest Civil Rights leader ever, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I thank this African-American man for all that he has done to make the world equal. His never ending desire to stop segregation in the south, phenomenal speeches, positive work in his community, loving family family, beautiful soul and March on Washington, Dr. King sacrificed it all for me and billions of others to become equal in a world that was once full of hate and disgrace. 

We celebrate one man's legacy in our hearts; we keep his words alive in our minds and souls to remind us that dreams really do come true. I wasn't born during his reign my grandmother witnessed his passion and so has her family members and friends. If it wasn't for him not giving up hope on African-American's who's to say I would be here today to write this. I'm more than happy and proud to stand next to people of different background and sharing laughter as well as love with them. It's sad what happened to Dr. King, his whole body would light up with hearts and smiles if he stayed a live to see what great POWER he has done. 

Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I Hope To Be A Great, Smart, Loving Man You Were Here On Earth And Heaven. You Are Fearless, I Love You For That, Words Can't Thank You Enough. You Make Me Proud To Be African-American. 

LaTroy Martin Watson