January 27, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone! I know I've been leaving you all high and dry. I'm telling you i'm the laziest person EVER! I get so many great ideas in my head to blog about, but the next day I get too tired to even open up my laptop and write! I have the Blogger app on my phone and iTouch, but I wish it was a lot SIMPLER than how its used on the mobile apps. I want to thank those who continue to leave comments and view my blog. I'll be back next week with all new posts and I might start doing some pop culture stuff *goodie goodie* 

But this weekend, I'll be away from Blogger as the hours countdown until my Birthday this coming Sunday!!! Horrrrraaaayyyy for me! I'll be turning 23 years YOUNG. This weekend i'll be doing a lot hanging with family and even joint sharing my b'day with my bff!!! I will let you know how I celebrated come Monday. Until then everyone have a safe and fun weekend. As for gifts, I'd like specialty gift cards from Forever 21