January 10, 2012

Is Being A Solo Artist Right For Every Person In A Music Group?

I was thinking most of the music groups in the entertainment industry sometimes breakup or disband because members want to go solo. Then it came to my mind asking myself is it possible a member of a group can go solo? There are a lot of music group acts that I actually loved as a group, but when they disbanded it was like uhm....did they have to go solo? The only groups I know that successfully had members go solo and I approved of was Destiny's Child and N'Sync (naming acts that I grew up with). 

Other than that, I feel like if you're in a group it's for a special reason. You and those other people's voice blend together so well to create one sound. Wouldn't you think that one sound is equal to a solo career? I'm not saying every music group shouldn't have members that embark on a solo career. I would like to see our music groups stay as music groups for about four albums or more. 

What Do You Think?