January 2, 2012

Plastic Surgery Nightmare!!!

YES! It Is True, Plastic Surgery Does Cause Nightmares!!!
I don't know if you watch the VH1 reality show Mob Wives, based on four popular New York, Staten Island wives, girlfriends, mistresses of high society mobsters. I missed the whole first season, however I decided to catch season 2 which aired last night at 8pm to see if I can catch up. Apparently there's a lot of drama, well duh to me hence the word MOB! Well, one of the cast members by the name of Renee Graziano started off the show with her near life death story. 

Renee, being insecure about her body and her outside appearance decided to spend 30K (allegedly) on a body lift which she wanted a flatter stomach and an ass (all in a nutshell PLASTIC SURGERY). Uhm, as the camera's followed her on her journey, the surgery went WELL according to the (Surgeon/FrontDESK) nurse.   Next was Renee to be in recovery where we see she's moaning in excruciating pain. The doctor decides to give her more dosage of pain killer medicine as well as her family members/friends who visited tried to maneuver her in ways she could feel comfortable.

Here comes the nightmare, Renee is screaming in agony of her difficult pain to handle as what she describes it feels like all the stitches ripped apart in her back; however this turned out to be true. No one knew until Renee's heart monitor began to decrease and she started to lose a lot of blood (6.5 pints I recall). Yeah, Renee's surgery was no joke, it was a nightmare. How bout this, all this money she spent the results was a NO SHOW!!! I thought about getting plastic surgery, but i'll stick to working out and letting my weight loss take it's time over the days, weeks maybe months. Thank God Renee You're Alive!!! 

Check Out The Super Trailer Though!!!
*Duh It's The Mob*