January 9, 2012

Relationships: Kissing On The First Date

First date kissing should be banned. It's not the appropriate situation to share a kiss. Not even a hug, whether you know the person guy or girl for a long period of time. The first date is supposed to be a cordial and respectful event. The first date is all about getting to know someone, in no way shape or form should physical actions be thought about in one's mind.

Be respectful of yourself and to the person you're on a date with. Exchanging a kiss on the first date can sometimes send the wrong message to a person. By wrong message i'm meaning, to a female if a guy was to go for a kiss, she might think he's only going out with her for one thing and that's her SUGAR [T.I. Term]; whereas if a girl was to go for a kiss towards the guy, he might think she's a easy SLEEZ. I mean it doesn't work both ways. Respect yourself and the person you're with. 

I wouldn't even say kisses should be exchanged within the third date only because now-a-days, dates could be lined up in one week of meeting a person. The only time you should exchange a kiss with your date should be when the two of you begin to make it an official relationship after three months or so. Just think about it like this, after the two of you exchange a kiss after the first date then what?! After doing so, the two of you have nothing surprising or special to look forward too on the next couple of dates. Oh' that's because eventually kissing on the first date leads to sexual intercourse. What a waste of dates or a DATE

Don't Do It! Don't Think About It! And You'll Be A-Okay!