January 4, 2012

What Is Your Addicting Hobby?

After watching Sunday's new episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York and seeing Kourtney's new hobby obsession over couponing, I wondered what addicting hobby do you all have. I wish I had a hobby, well basically I guess my blog is my hobby, but I can go for something more fun and different. A hobby that will have me interact with the people maybe leading into making a hobby group of some sort. 

Kourtney's addiction to coupons was really funny and cool, I mean we all take coupons for granted, but they help save a lot of money. I'm asking you, have you ever had an addicting hobby that began to annoy some of your friends and family members? Or do you have an addicting hobby now, if so what is it? I can't wait to read your responses. 

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