February 29, 2012

Let's Talk Entertainment W/ LaTroy [Radio Show]

I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back!!! Let's Talk Entertainment W/ LaTroy is back on your radio waves during happy hour 5pm - 7pm every Friday evening. Yes! Last semester we had to cut the show short but this semester we are in full effect baby! I will be taking it to the moon with this show, nothing cray just some entertaining topics, people, news and so forth. The past two weeks were a blast the first week I did a tribute to the late great Whitney Houston and this past Friday it was all about Relationships. Nothing on the show is scripted it is all REAL!!! I will also have weekly guests and co-hosts just to give the show a little punch.

I hope you all are ready, because I am taking my talents and turning them into a radio overnight success! I'm stationed at my school's radio room at Union County College just right near the workout gym. If you ever want to stop by let me know, if you have new music you want to premiere let me know and also you can always call in. I would love to hear your advice for me and what you'd like to hear on the show. I do give fashion tips, relationship advice, I will start doing contests and give away cool prizes. This is a show that will be your pre-game before you go out. What makes it even better is you can listen online too; Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh' Yeah!  

Remember I'm on every Friday evening from 5pm - 7pm (Happy Hour) as I call it on UCCR (Union County College Radio) and the station is 88.1 FM or you can call in at 908-497-4284. Support me and spread the word please!!!

For More Information Please Check Out: UCCR 88.1 FM