February 8, 2012

New Video - Mama Jones "Psychotic"

Mama Jones (rapper Jim Jones's mother) and breakout star off of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop just released the music video for her popping Reality TV hit song "Psychotic", which is a song she recorded on the show to play off as the "PSYCHOTIC BITCH!" her soon to be daughter-in-law Chrissy Lampkin described her as in season one. Though Nancy Jones (Mama Jones) and Chrissy had a very rocky relationship, their feud towards each other dwindled down seen on season two of Love & Hip-Hop

If you don't know the past story between the two, I suggest you start by watching season one and then catching up on season two to understand why the two had so much animosity towards one another in the first place. I personally like the song, it's a catchy tune and Mama Jones is full of real personality that can't escape one's eye. This is the first single from Mama Jones, praying many moons there will be another track along with waiting for her to perform "Psychotic" on award shows, mini-concerts or maybe in the clubs. Take a look at the video directed by "DC" Coles, now you tell me if Mama Jones is PSYCHOTIC or not!!!