March 28, 2012

Has Anyone Ever Wrote A Letter To Maury Povich?

Has anyone ever wrote to Maury Povich to be apart of his show whether they have a secret or story they must tell? I'm in the mist of determining if I want to turn to Maury in finding my biological father who I haven't seen...I might as well say in 23 years.

I don't wouldn't want the Maury Show (meaning producers) to make my story and mother into some baby mama drama trying to track him down for past child support payments. I'm still debating, I really do want to find my biological father for many personal reasons I wish not discuss on my blog.I tried to think of other options but it's clear I have no money to even hire private investigators or take legal matters into the situation by going down to city hall and so forth. Have you ever thought or wrote a letter to Maury Povich wanting to be on his show to tell a story? How did that go? Do you know anyone who has done this? Let me know.

Is this something I shouldn't consider as an option?