April 11, 2012

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West In A Relationship?!

In recent celebrity-ville, talk is going around that reality tv starlet turned entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and established rapper Kanye West are dating. The two go back as to having a great friendship back some years. Both who just got out of relationships; a marriage with a basketball player and a model turned singer (Kris Humphries and Amber Rose). Recently the two have been spotted in New York shopping around and running errands in El Lay. The two haven't confirmed their "relationship", not on Twitter or on their websites. I guess that's what the public is awaiting for now :-).

Honestly, despite what people and the press have to say, I actually hope the two are dating. I really see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as the second powerhouse couple in the entertainment industry. I don't believe the speculation of the two of them trying to gain "PUBLICITY". Clearly, they both don't need publicity; they both are in the limelight no matter what. I've always seen Kim Kardashian with an African-American guy and Kanye West with an exotic beauty. I mean what couple could get cuter than this? Exactly, so let the two date I think their friendship is beyond cute; they seem like they balance each other out. I've always been a avid supporter of both the two and though some of the choices who they chose to date in the past may not have been to my liking, i'm glad to say I approve of this relationship (who am I though?!)
Do You Approve Of This Courtship?