April 6, 2012

New Video - D. Milano Feat. Ty Cashes "Writing You A Love Song"

It's not rare that I write posts about up and coming artist, djs, rappers and etc. I actually enjoy giving those the opportunity to post their craft on my blog site. By doing so, I came across an up and coming RnB songster by the name of Derrick Milano; which you can call him D.Milano. A young gentleman on the grind to eagerly to do what it takes to get his music out there; talk about HUNGER DRIVE. I asked D.Milano to send me a mini bio about him the song his new music video he's promoting. Here's what he had to say: 

"D.Milano is an 18 Year Old Artist From Wilmington, Delaware who has taken over the internet world from Facebook to Twitter. He recently was sponsored by Cologe Denim and Shot his first official video "Writing You A Love Song" featuring Ty Cashes. Follow Them @DerrickMilano @TyCashes"

Hit or Miss? 
Here's what I thought of the artist, song and video! 

  • I really believe D.Milano has a different sound; I didn't expect him to sound the way he sings. I love when an artist can take an ear by surprise. D.Milano has potential to becoming the artist he wants to be. It's not going to be an overnight success, this is my first time hearing him and his music; overall I hope to hear more from this up coming artist. Like I said this is my first time being introduced to D.Milano; in the near weeks or months I hope to see what makes him different from other artists out today. 
  • The song "Writing You A Love Song", I really found the song very nice, a great RnB track with a futuristic vibe; which seems to be the route some RnB artists are going for nowadays. It's nice to stay on top of what's happening today, just to stay in competition. It's rare we hear a guy sing about writing a female a love song, usually it's a guy pouring his heart out about how a girl broke his heart and etc. Nice song, great vibe, the rapping part from @TyCashes remained in sync with the song and I didn't get confused on what was being talked about. 
  • As for the music video, it executed exactly what I expected. The video gave you a little bit or everything the video was just right! I actually loved the melodic video artistry of the video, how it was shot. I don't know what lens or what effect it was, but it actually fit the video well. The video told a story. The director of the video took their time with the editing that it turned out to be a real authentic music video. Remember less is always more! 
If you're feeling D.Milano and want to keep updated with his music feel free to follow him on Twitter @DerrickMilano! Let me know what you thought of the video!