May 23, 2012

ADD Blogged Out: Thirst Traps Of The Week Amazon Edition

My friend Dan Andre and his two friends created a blog entitled ADD BLOGGED OUT where they post everything from new music, comedic videos, basically anything that has the hottest buzz on the net the three of them have their hands on it. there 's one particular posts that I found quite entertaining and amusing and it is the "Thirst Trap"

Basically to my understanding "Thirst Trap" is when a drop dead gorgeous female posts pictures of her face or body to social networking sites and it makes the guys go crazy bisurk into drool mode. Well as funny as it may seem which it is by the way, "Thirst" means "Desperate" sorta kind of. You just have to head over to ADD BLOGGED OUT and look at the post for yourself to see what I mean. I find it so funny but yet entertaining.

Where does Dan and his friends get these ideas from lol?
Check Out The Blog Post Here: Thirst Trap Amazon Edition  

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