May 28, 2012


For those who love to see women of beautiful, volumptious, thick, curvy body shape, i'd suggest you check out BABE MAGAZINE. BABE MAGAZINE is a published magazine specializing in the likes of women who aren't the typical size 0 model type. Beauty does come in all different shapes and sizes and this is what the magazine offers plus more. There are tons of Eye Candy girls to view as well as get to know. these models are jaw dropping as well as the magazine's CEO Ms. Toni.X

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of meeting Toni and two of the BABE Models at a lounge in New York and shall I add they are beautifully drop dead gorgeous in person. I think Toni has done a magnificent job on choosing her models and the message she's trying to get across with her magazine brand. Modeling is just not for the skinny women but for women who have bodies and curves. 

BABE MAGAZINE is currently on it's 7th issue and will continue to sell more issues as long as there are volumptious women who aren't afraid to WORK in front of the cam. If you're a big girl, have curves, thicker than a snicker than you too can be a BABE Model; just be confident and bring something different to the table!   

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