May 23, 2012

My BFF Britany Is Now VLOGGING Follow Her!!!

Hey everyone, my BFF Britany is now on YouTube blogging, she's very entertaining and creative. On her VLOG "Keep Calm & VLOG" you will be introduced to her interesting opinions, views and broad vocabulary. I felt it was about time for Britany to VLOG because she always a SAY to everything! So why not she share her knowledge with the YouTube party! I can't wait to see what she has in store for her topics or what we'll see her create. Meanwhile take a look at her introduction video as she tells you more about what her VLOG will be like:

By the way she edited the video herself; how cute is it?! I LOVE HER and you will LOVE her also!!!

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Her video! 
Tweet Her: @KissMyKicks_
Youtube: Simply Britany