May 28, 2012

New Video: Melody Thornton Feat. Bobby Newberry "Bulletproof"

Former Pussycat Doll now independent solo artist Melody Thornton slays in her second follow up music video of her new mixtape P.O.Y.B.L(Piss On Your Black List) which she released in March of this year. Melody and Bobby Newberry covers La Roux's hit "Bulletproof" but changes the style of the song making it a ballad and less dance track. The video is phenomenal to add, the element of black and white is always classic and coveting. Indeed, Melody has always been the soulful voice with powerful vocals to reach extrodinary heights in my eyes.  

More on the video though if you love vintage film editing and furniture then you'll love what the two are serving at us. Nothing can be more beautiful than having 1920's furniture on the beach with the ocean waves just rolling elegant and smooth. You just have to take a look at the video yourself to see what I mean. Oh' one more thing, look how beautiful the two look in the video...WHY CAN'T I BE THEM?! Stunning! Enjoy!!! 

Download Melody's Mixtape P.O.Y.B.L