May 31, 2012

Rosci & Terrence J Share A Special Announcement

It's A Sad But Yet Happy Moment For Black Entertainment Television. 

BET's 106 and Park hosts Rocsi and Terrence J announced live on the show their mutual agreement to depart from being hosts on the hit music countdown live show. Aside from it being a sad moment, there has been talks through the blogs and magazines that both hosts wanted to pursue other opportunities in their careers. Of course, Terrence J who just was in 'Think Like A Man' wants to pursue more acting and hosting jobs as well as Rocsi who wants to focus on her acting career. Both hosts will be missed deeply for which they brought in a lot of viewers on the show and at home. 

Take a look at the heartfelt video of the announcement:

I know I will miss the two of the being hosts, because they were relatable in every way. My first time ever attending a 106 and Park tapping, the hosts were Rocsi and Terrence J. I will always remember them and thank them for putting on such a fantastic show. I will remember during commercial breaks where Rocsi nicely gave me a hug and we shared little laughs about her Pomeranian pooch. They haven't said when they'll be leaving the show, but let's just hope the new set of hosts turn up the notch and hold it down for Rocsi and Terrence J

I hope they hold auditions to be the next hosts, because I will audition and I will become BET's 106 and Park next host! Please share with me for those who have been to a tapping of 106 and Park, share with me your experiences and memories.