May 24, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Living Single

Since the big thing to do on Thursdays is putting old pictures up on social networking sites and calling it Throwback Thursday, I decided to join in. Back in the early to late 90s before Sex and the City, there was a show of four African-American woman living singly in a brownstone apartment out in Brooklyn, New York entitled Living Single

The four woman Khadijah James (Queen Latifah), Synclaire James-Jones (Kim Coles), Maxine "Max" Felice Shaw (Erika Alexander) and Regina "Regine" Hunter (Kim Fields) all together made being single and living in New York the LIFE

Although there were relationships that sprouted along the way, this great unforgettable show will always be a favorite of mine. It was mostly the comedy that was shared between each character. 

How many of you remember Living Single
Left to Right: Max, Khadijah, Regine and Synclaire
My favorite is Synclaire!!!

You can catch episodes of the show on tvONE which seems to air frequently throughout the station.