May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap 5/18 - 5/20

What did I do this weekend? Hmm...well for starters can we talk about how bad I need a haircut?! Thank You I Know! Basically this weekend was chill. Here's how I spent it, for those who care to know what people with no life do. 

Friday 5/18

After a week of rest from school, I found out my grades totaled up to an exact A B C D (don't ask WONT tell). I'm happy though due to the fact I struggled this semester in two classes I cared less for. Friday was a breeze though, I was introduced to Windows Live Movie Maker and for some reason I can't stop creating and editing videos. I passed up a few 'popular' parties for the chance to see another day and create videos for my YouTube VLOG: Let's Talk W/ LaTroy! That pretty much summed up my Friday night only because i'm much of a homebody. 

Saturday 5/19

Saturday went by with a blast! My female Shih Tzu Tokyo started her period the previous Monday, so she was pretty much on her PMS all morning. Waking me up out of my sleep just to console her. I must admit she does get my attention 70% of the time...okay it's 50/50 between the both of us. We give each other respect on our own time. Talk about a mother/daughter relationship. Shouts to Oxygen for having the dopest GLEE marathon. Out of the whole season, I only probably caught three to four episodes maybe two. The Whitney Houston special they did for her was a tear moment...happy tear though. 

I did order a horror movie onDemand (Verizon Fios). The movie was Fear Island and it starred Hailey Duff. A sick serial killer movie based on a group of friends who embark to a cabin on an deserted island where each friend gets murdered mysteriously by a psychopath person. It didn't come out in theaters, so it was one of those "straight to dvd" movies, but this was a great thriller and suspense if you're into it. 

Sunday I actually did some straightening up as I told myself I was going to do. However, I actually decided to clean my bathroom which need more attention than my room. I find it weird I don't mind cleaning bathrooms while listening to music. In fact, I don't mind cleaning bathrooms period :-)! I probably have been cleaning the bathroom for merely more than an hour. I wanted to clean my room but by the time I was done the bathroom and little laundry I had lingering, my body needed a much needed rest. I cleaned my dresser and window tops. 

I was much anticipating the season 7 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians at 9pm all while trying to figure out how am I going to watch that and the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. I managed the two quite frankly. I will VLOG about both later this week or probably have it up by Tuesday for you guys! I have a lot to say about both shows. Well not trying to keep you here forever and ever. I'l stop here...

let me know how your weekend went. 
Shout Out To My BFF
Britany (@KissMyKicks_)