May 30, 2012

What Are Some Great Websites Where I Can Apply For College Scholarships?!

Hey everyone, I need a huge favor from those who can or know someone who can help me out. As we all know, college is not the most cheapest place to further an education. I'm recently enrolled in NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) and the tuition there is not so bad as I thought it would be, but beings though according to the government my mother makes "too much" money for me to qualify for financial assistance from the government "free aid". The school has did a big help by allowing me to qualify for their grant and transfer scholarship awards; The bad part is I'm once again taking out more loans. In the outcome, I'm not complaining because most of the awarded loan money including grants and transfer scholarship fund has covered most of my first semester tuition. There's just one thing i'm some thousand short. 

Now, back when I was at my community college, I had applied for scholarships that they provided and I was never awards any of them because they process just took too long and well I graduated just last week .With that being thrown out of the window, I am not trying to find good outstanding scholarship websites that will provide me the best way on getting a scholarship to help me pay the rest of my college tuition. I would like to hear from you guys what sites or sources you have used or heard other's talk about that gave him the best scholarships. If you know anything please help me out, I don't want to waste a year again on a scholarship website that never got back to me. If you wish to email me these websites please do

Thank You!!!