May 22, 2012

What Happened To Authentic Pepsi Commercials?!

What ever happened to the 90s PEPSI commercials that were authentic? Growing up I remember the PEPSI girl now actress Hallie Kate Eisenberg who you would see all over the PEPSI commercials which seemed memorable and fun. If you don't remember then take a look:

Back then PEPSI commercials meant a lot to people all over who were avid PEPSI cola drinkers. It was something about the little girl who made you think the next time you were at a store, restaurant, bar, etc. your first beverage was a PEPSI. Nowadays, i'm just not getting that vibe with PEPSI and their commercials. Of course, PEPSI uses A-list celebrities in their commercials, but it's like okay, how about something different. We see these celebrities EVERYWHERE now that the internet has become such a global microscopic eye of one's life. Yes, back then celebrities were used in the commercials, but notice how it just wasn't about the celebrities the focus on the commercial was Hallie Kate Eisenberg

I think it's time for something different and real from PEPSI. They're getting a bit redundant with how they're trying to sell their product. PEPSI commercials just isn't what it used to be like; with regular models selling it and not just being lazy and paying a celebrity to do the commercial. What i'm trying to say is that the PEPSI commercials back then were more relatable than the ones out now. Although, I stopped drinking soda I know many people who do and when they purchase a PEPSI can they don't even automatically think of the recent commercial with the big name celebrity. PEPSI needs to change someone or something in that advertising department. Personally, I'm looking for something loving, relating, unforgettable and timeless. 

We are stuck with commercials like this:
What are your thoughts?