June 7, 2012

Alfred Blake: The Students Handbook To Breaking All The Rules

A College graduate of Oakwood University, motivational speaker (though which he feels he is not), mentor, now author and friend Alfred Blake released his first self help handbook to students back in February titled, The Students Handbook To Breaking All The Rules. Reading the preface of his book I found a side of Alfred that I never knew. I'm more than 100% sure this book will help not just students but everyone who is struggling with life at some point of their lives. The book is more focused on the audience of students because in the book Alfred is telling his ups and downs triumphs from when he was an adolescent to his adulthood. Take a look at the short background of his book: 

"Breaking rules has never been a good thing to do - until now. Alfred Blake has a history of breaking rules. By the time he was in the tenth grade, he had been kicked out of three schools and paid dearly for the mistakes he'd made along the way. Confronted with two potential paths - success or failure - he channeled his rebellious attitude into a positive resource for students, parents, mentors and educators alike. Speaking from experience, Blake will show you how to Break All The Rules. 

For years, you've doubtlessly been told that you are to follow all the rules. This is false. Historically, attention and acclaim have been the reward for rule breakers and those defiant of social norms. The trick is knowing which rules to break. In just one year, you'll cultivate your mind, conquer your challenges and be that much closer to achieving success.
Want to harness the power of your unique skills? Want to believe in your talents? Want to develop your character, increase your knowledge and triumph over adversity? The Student's Handbook to Breaking All the Rules is the book for you." - CreateSpace

In the back of mind somewhere I've always pictured Alfred writing a book or memoir, only because this young intelligent man always had encouraging and positive things to say to me. I'm pretty glad he did write this book, not only he can share his wisdom with the likes of others in his neighborhood and surrounding areas, but he can now share some of his insights and experiences with the world. I can't wait to get my hands on the book so I can read it. I hope to find bits and pieces of the book that will help me out along the way. If you aren't doing anything this summer, I suggest you pick up a book (preferably Al's The Students Handbook To Breaking All The Rules) and read it. 

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