June 13, 2012

Craziest Pet Names!!!

Now there are people in the world who give their pets simple and normal names listed above in the picture. But overtime name a pet has gotten totally funny and extreme. Like for instance recording artist Pink named her male dog FUCKER and I've came across people who will remain disclosed who named their dogs Pussy and Bitch

Yes, it's true these names are crazy and weird but people love it. I get a kick out of pets who are named after Presidents, Princes, Princesses, Kings, Queens, royal leaders, world leaders and shockingly after their school principals. I named my female Shih-Tzu Tokyo Milan Watson, which is a regular name. Tokyo's not a common name for a dog but the reason why I named her Tokyo is a long story and actually has an understanding. What are some of the craziest pet names you've ever heard? Oh' I remember my cousin naming her cat Fluffy Jack, I just thought that was cray cray.