June 4, 2012

Decision Made: Team Blackberry

For months I've been undecided if I want to stick with being a Blackberry user or switch to the iPhone. I've come to my final decision and I'm sticking with my #TeamBlackberry. It all makes sense to me because the Blackberry is so convenient for my lifestyle and so much more. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is cool and all but beings though I have an iPod Touch and it acts the same way as the iPhone [except for a lil differences like the messages and phone call options] i'm pretty much bored with it sometimes. Yes, apps are much more better to handle on the iPhone such as Twitter and FaceBook than the Blackberry, i'll still have my touch and use from time to time. Basically I love my QWERTY keypad!!! I'm a button freak right? There's so much I can withstand from a touch screen phone.
Sorry #TeamiPhone I've Had A Great Affair With You!
Which of the two do you prefer?