June 11, 2012

Favorite Product Right Now

Just checking in with you all giving you an update on my favorite product right now in my life. It's AMBI products for your face. I'm having a pretty rough time trying to cleanse and moisturize my face due to having an uneven skin tone and oily skin. My mother had the facial even tone cleanser in her bathroom, so I read the description and what works it does and why not steal (borrow) it for a bit. The AMBI company makes tons of  different products for the face no matter what skin problem you're having AMBI has the solution. 

My best friend even recommended it to me before I even knew my mother had it. So far I'm loving the product and of course I'm not going to see results in a day, I'm patiently waiting for that hot summer day when I can walk around without needing a cleansing wipe to pat down my face saying THANK YOU AMBI! 

Check Out Their Products!