June 13, 2012

Instagram of the Week: @iAmKnoDat

Here's this week's Instagramer of the Week @iAmKnoDat. I don't know how I even befriended him on the social networks but I think it started on Twitter and lead to INSTAGRAM. Dion Crites is his name and I have to say the pictures that he posts with his captions are STOMACHLY [if that's a word] HYSTERICAL. I don't think he does it just to be funny, i'm pretty sure he just says whatever is on her mind and it comes out funny. 

Earlier this week he went ham on the Willy Wonka Instagram text photos, I couldn't stop laughing and just shaking my head. Dion is a cool guy and very entertaining, if you ever get tired of seeing the same people on your timeline whether it's FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram then I suggest you add Dion (@iAmKnoDat) to your life, he will brighten up your whole day with just a post of a picture. 

Check him out yall!