June 13, 2012

Kim Kardashian Bares KAKES! [UPDATE]

Twitter went into a hoopla frenzy late last night when allegedly Kanye West "accidentally" tweeted a picture of his reality tv star mogul girlfriend Kim K, of what it seems to be of her eating a piece of CAKE while she bares her real KAKES! 

Now, I love the Kardashians and Kim (having seen her in person in 2008), but this picture being "accidentally" tweeted can not do much harm to her. Remember back in 2007 when the release of her sex tape with Ray J hit markets and then in 2008 she did a spread for PlayBoy and there has been numerous times she's done tasteful photo-shoots for different magazines and such. Kim can't get mad or angry, we all have seen her body naked! This picture is not that bad actually, I mean it's always questionable to why Kim is naked in her hotel room eating without at least putting a robe on, but that's her choice and hey if I had that body i'd be strolling around my hotel room naked too! Though this picture may hurt and confuse much of her younger fans and her business's she has or will have in the future or in the past. I just wish this incident doesn't do much harm. 

On the bright side, I feel this picture isn't that bad. It's a beautiful picture. The body is a form of art and Kim K has one of the best celebrity bodies out now. Her curvy figure is toned and the arch in her back is incredibly hard to work for. Her small waist is what most girls all wish for, but she looks healthy and beautiful here. Kim's giving us much but just enough to she really does work on her body and feels comfortable in her skin to show it off. I can't wait to read and hear what the media is going to say about this or what story they'll make up. This picture is so not relevant to the extreme that she's naked because we've seen her naked ideal body. The question is "allegedly" how did Kanye accidentally tweet this picture?! I hope this doesn't ruin their relationship or trust, I like the two as a couple. 

What Do You Think? 

Updated Version 6.14.2012

Scratch what I just wrote!!! According to Kanye West's reps he is stating he did not post and delete the picture of what it appeared to be Kim Kardashian. Now the truth of this story is that the curvaceous beauty in the picture is porn star Amia Miley. Amia is the one who posted the picture on her Twitter timeline and went to delete the picture. Amia even went on to say clearly her wrist piercing is visible in the picture, so of course that's not Kim K

Meanwhile, these Kim Kardashian look-a-likes are giving me a headache. I'm just happy it isn't and Kayne didn't tweet the pic to be center of attention. Welp! Kim still has her positive image and Kanye probably hates us all for immediately thinking it was him; but we still love them as a couple...RIGHT?!