June 6, 2012

My Prayers Are With The Medina Family & Loved Ones

Yesterday was such a sad and not so pleasant day for my two friends (twins) Isaul and Raul Medina. Their father passed away from a terrible bus accident. Words can't explain how terribly upset I feel for them. Though, my father hasn't been in my life for 23 years, my mother has stepped up in his place and I don't know what I would do if I were to lose my mother. My prayers and condolences goes out to the Medina family and loved ones at this devastating time in their lives. 

I'm 100% their father was a very smart, respectful and loved man, I didn't meet him myself but you can tell in the way he raised his sons Isaul and Raul. Their hearts mean well and i'm pretty sure his did too. God always has a plan for everything that we don't have control over, but now he is in Heaven with the rest of our fallen angels and now he can be the guardian and protector over his family in keeping them out of harms way. Stay up and stay blessed for you are safe now until the end of time. 

Deeply Sorry,
LaTroy Watson 
A Friend Forever