June 5, 2012

New Music: Ciara "Sweat"

It's been quite a while since we heard from Atlantian singer Ciara. The last material Ciara left us with was her  fourth album Basic Instinct, which didn't go on to sell as much as she wanted it; mind you that was back December 2010/2011. The reason for Ciara's brief hiatus for not putting out music is due to her record label Jive Records releasing her as their artist. Believing in Ciara's hard drive and hunger in the entertainment industry, notable music mogul L.A. Reid decided to bring Ciara to his label Epic Records where he would continue to shape her future career into getting Ciara back on track. 

It was recent Instagram and TwitPics late last year Ciara posted stating she was in the studio working up something new for the fans and that they should stay tuned. Flash forward to now at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, Ciara was interviewed on upcoming projects and excitedly Ciara shared there's a new single being released very soon [doesn't know how soon] and the title for her upcoming new album under Epic Records is titled One Woman Army. The leading single "Sweat" just released yesterday which is sooner than I thought it would be. The song features new rap artist 2 Chainz and the song sounds like she's taking a new approach to different beats and style of music; of course the song is a dance track. I picture the video for the song just like she did "Gimmie That". The song has to grow on me, it's cute for what it is so far. 

Listen Below:

What's Your Take On The New Single?