June 6, 2012

New Video - Luke James "Mo'Better Blues"

Back with another heart soul warming video by RnB newcomer Luke James the soothing singer brings to us "Mo'Better Blues". With the much immense buzz Luke James has been getting since his first single "I Want You" and recently being chosen by Beyonce herself as her opening act for her past Memorial Day weekend concerts down in Atlantic City, Luke James is coming into the game with a new sound and proving RnB hasn't died. 

In this steamy video Luke along engage in a lot of sexual and sensual body to body contact and almost lip to lip kissing with his love interest who seems to look like a mix between Amerie and Zoe Zaldana. The videos visual is absolutely beautiful, I love a story that is being told through a dark blurred perspective; the videos blue-ish vibe reminds me of Kelly Rowland's "Motivation". I don't want to tell you what the song or video is about, it's up to you to figure it out. Although its hard to watch him and listen at the same time because your thoughts are somewhere running away with him in the nearest enclosed room. Oh' does it hurt to mention in a recent interview Luke James stated "HE LOVES SEX!" ... 

Take A Look At The Video:

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