June 4, 2012


This may be a bit too late for this topic better late than never. I remember when UGGs used to be the popular boot ever that was comfortable and stylish to throw on with anything. I own two pairs of the male classic UGGs and I used to be infatuated with them. At one point you couldn't get me to stop wearing them. Though the winter season is over, I still wear them around [the house and when I walk my dog]. 

As fashion is changing every corner, i'm not seeing many people wear UGGs as much. It's funny because it was the women who wore them religiously, now I see them dressed in flat shoe boots or a bootie shoe of that nature also a lot of Ralph Lauren Polo Boots have taken over. I know I ditched the UGG Classic boot for my new love Dr. Martens. I wonder how long the UGG Classic Boot will be worn around for, it's comfortable and all but people's style is changing to something much edgier. 

What do you think? Do you think UGG Classics or UGG boots in general is an old fad?