June 4, 2012

Renting Or Owning???

When I become financially stable in life, have a salary and can afford a place of my own, I decided that I would want to be a renter rather than owning a home. I wonder if I was crazy or were there people like me who choose to rent over owning a home. Not that owning a home is a scary thing to me, I want to live in New York City or Los Angeles and I feel in those two big cities there are going to be plenty of times where you want to move in a 2-3yr span [this is just my opinion]. There's so much to see and experience in a city that's huge. When owning a home, I feel like you're stuck and have so many responsibilities to keep up with. 

When renting, the stress is all upon the landlord all you have to do is pay the rent on time and you're good, of course finding a great and respectful landlord or property you'll live to love. I think by now you all know the responsibilities of owning a home, if not well you have to keep up with maintenance of the home which sometimes you'll be throwing out tons of money, depending on where you live. For some strange odd reason I think renting is much more fun than owning. I'd rather stress less than stress more. 

I just gave you an overview on my decision to renting versus owning a home. What are you more leaning towards? Let me know, who knows maybe your comment can change my mind!