June 12, 2012

So Sad For Michael Hughley

Hollywood really isn't no joke when it comes to child stars, the industry can either steer you in the right or wrong road, most cases in child actors some turn out to be in worst scenarios like 90s child star Dee Jay Daniels. Daniels most notable for his four year role as D.L. Hughley's son Michael on the hit UPN9 sitcom The Hughley's has gotten himself into some deep trouble. Since August 2011, the 23 year old has been in San Joaquin County Jail without bail on three charges one more serious that may cause him a life sentence for premeditated murder. 

I really want to know what went wrong in his career, it seemed like he was on the right path but at the time in the late 90s early 2000's he was a child star and he didn't do much interviews discussing his private life, so we don't know what might have went on at home. 

Check the video from Yahoo's entv below on the situation.