July 24, 2012

Are Fan Clubs Still Active?

Britney Spears 1999 Controversy Rolling Stone Cover
Are Fan Clubs still in existence? Now a days we have so many fans that FAN/STAN out on social networks, camp outside arena's for concert tickets or show appearances and even also getting a face portrait tattoo of their favorite artists. Fans will do the extreme just to be face to face with their favorite entertainer. I ask this question because back before illegal downloading became popular before the millennium, there were Fan Clubs

Clubs that included a fee to pay for the year/month to gain special inside exclusive access to the celebrity and their special projects for their fans. Fan Clubs originally were fans writing their favorite celebrity/artist a hand written letter in hopes they would get a response in return. Clearly I rarely think fans still do this as today we have Twitter, Blogs, YouTube & Facebook as platform to reach out and express their support and dedication to that certain celebrity. 

Growing up, I remember I so die hardly wanted to be apart of the Britney Spears Fan Club, which was $30, I can't remember if it was for the month or for the year. I just know the perks of being in the fan club included special packaged gifts that wasn't sold to the public, special seating at concert events, personal signed autographed merchandise and much more. The year was 1997 when I fell in love with Britney Spears and my mother wasn't having it one bit, I guess she was quite hesitant about where here money would actually be going to. 

Now, I don't even think Britney Spears has a top notch Fan Club, I think the fans stan out via Social Networking sites, personal websites, blogs and more. To also add music artists now give fans a pre-sale on their concert tickets; before the pre-sale only went to the official fan club members only.  

I would like to know what you think questioning whether fan clubs still exist or not. Have you ever joined your favorite celebrities fan club? What was it like? Share with me your thoughts.