July 9, 2012

BET 106 & Park The Search Competition: Vote For @LaTroyWatson!!!

Hey everyone, so over the weekend I decided to cave in and submit a video for BET's 106 & Park The Search for a new host. For some years I've been getting my feet wet by being an interviewer and VJ, whether it was on Blog Talk Radio or my radio show stint I had at Union County College. I actually enjoy being a host/interviewer and meeting new people. It's something about that job that makes me feel so much comfortable knowing I can be myself. I think BET needs a new face for their top 10 countdown show and why not choose me. I have such an exuberant personality that can light up a room full of blind people (no offense but it's true :-)!) If you don't believe me check out my submission video below: 


I know you're probably saying, "WE CAN'T SEE YOUR FACE TOWARDS THE END!", but don't worry I did this all by myself and honestly I feel in love with my reason response so much I didn't want to use the other footage I shot to cover this one. When I recorded my reason why I wanted to be BET's 106 and Park New Search Host it was raw and entertaining. I didn't want to film myself where I  had to remember a scripted line and forget to bring out my TRUE personality. Everything you seen on the video is who I really am and what I bring to the table; nothing but positive attitude, dedication, hard work ethic and most of all FUN! 

I really hope I get chosen at least to the semi-finals or with the grace of GOD the finals. I really need your support and love so please if I get chosen vote for me!!! I will not disappoint you in any way if I become your new BET 106 & Park Host! 

Vote @LaTroyWatson For #BETTHeSearch !!! 

Thank You,
LaTroy Watson