July 17, 2012

Beyonce Recognizes Michelle Obama In A Letter

In the new ad campaign for Barack Obama, Beyonce sat down to read her letter she's written for First Lady Michelle Obama. The letter in which Beyonce wrote herself describes how inspiring and influential Mrs. Obama has been in Beyonce and Blue Ivy's life. Not only is Beyonce thanking Mrs. Obama, she even recognizes the First Lady's impact and contributions she has made during and before President Obama's term.

Ever since Beyonce's year of 4, she's been writing a lot of hand written inspirational letters to public figures and they have become very heart felt and touching. This is the year to go out and register to vote and Beyonce has never been afraid to proudly say her vote is within President Obama. Voting is important and with Beyonce on the campaign, i'm pretty sure the BeeHive fans will support and register to vote!!! Check the hand written letter and video below: